From Lowriders to Imports! // Chufeng’s 95′ Targa top NSX

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Look it’s a Honda. No it’s an Acura… Nope wait a minute that definitely is a Honda. Who cares what the hell it is. All we need to know that it is one clean ass mo-fo NSX! Yep, I said Mo-Fo and the moment we saw it we wanted to get our hands on this clean ride.

Photos by: Denut-L & Words by: Gina Calhoun

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Before I get into this fine piece of machinery I want to give you a little history lesson kids. The NSX originally came out in 1989 and was one of the feature cars at the Chicago Auto Show. You think they showed it for the first time in Japan? Well, think again. It showed up there a whole year after. Honda wanted to come out with a car that was the look and performance of a Ferrari but with a price tag that everyone could afford. The NSX was made with an all aluminum body unlike the Ferrari, which made it weigh a heck of a lot less.

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They also added a VTEC motor in it for the speed. Honda made and manufactured the Honda NSX but Acura is the one that came with the production in American and Hong Kong. So you are not wrong. It could be a Honda or an Acura depending on where you picked one up. I mean come on now. When all the police cars in Japan are riding around with the NSX as their cop cars you might have me signing up for the academy tomorrow if I lived there. You have to keep up with those rides somehow and what better way to do that than in a NSX.

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Chufeng Yang was not always into the import scene though. As a matter of fact he reminds me of my husband. All about the low-riders. There is nothing like an old school 64 Impala SS low rider with some 100 spoke Dayton’s on them or a Dunk with some 32-inch rims right? I have grown to love them just as much as he did. But, like me all of Chufeng’s friends were in the import scene. So, since he was strapping on cash he got himself a good old Honda. Just like imports those low riders are expensive. I know. Believe me I know. Since he was surrounded with people that started to inspire him to invest his money into a better ride and get into the world as we all know as imports he dare I say was changing sides. Chufeng got himself an Acura Integra; this is the car that actually got him to come to the dark side.

It wasn’t until he went to a car show that he had his eyes set on the Acura NSX. The instant he saw the NSX; with a sparkle in his eye, he knew that this would be his next car of choice.

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At this point money was good and before he even knew it, he was a proud owner of his very own shiny Formula One 95 Targa top NSX. The Formula One is sporting a Seibon type R style carbon fiber rear spoiler, and Seibon TS carbon fiber front lip. You don’t have to really do much to these cars to get them to look nice but Chufeng added some Zanardi edition floor mats, SOS engine hatch struts, and BC type BR full coil overs to add a little to the already sick car.

And what is a NSX without some stance to it right? The CCW Classic wheels 17×8.5 fronts with 18×10 rears give it that staggered look, wrapped in Falken RT- 615k 215/40/17 in the front and 265/35/18 in the back.

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And if you even question if he is seriously into the game. His future plans are to add an Angus Turbo kit, Stacy side skirts with some Downforce carbon fiber side diffusers, Downforce dfr side vents, Downforce truck lid lip, Downforce rear with diffusers and so much more. Hello, Downforce do you hear that, are you reading this? I think you have the next person you need to sponsor. Damn, Chufeng with all the Downforce goodies but who would blame him.

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Not to bad for a High School drop out from Minneapolis, Minnesota huh! At the age of 25 years old Chufeng Yang has a car that most adults dream about. Chufeng is proud of what he has accomplished and we all are too. From low riders to imports and one baby momma later. We are proud! Now I might think that Chufeng is done but a little birdie told me that the NSX is going to be makings its grade re-entrance in 2015. Chufeng, start saying your pennies because there is something telling me that you will be getting one of those in your future. Good Luck Bro and Happy-Stancin!

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