Floating on Air // Kaimon’s ’06 GTI

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To many of us the Volkswagen world is a very different place as we see it. But it really isn’t different then most of our car groups or scene. Like everyone in the car scene we all have our own taste and feel for a unique ride. And I know from living where H20i is held I have seen some very unique Volkswagens.

Photos by: Lotus Lily Photography & Words by: Josh O’ferrall

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This Volkswagen GTI really caught my eye when I saw the pictures. That’s why I was glad to bring your attention to, Kaimon Chapman’s GTI. Chapman started in the  Volkswagen world with a passat, but he then bought a Mazda Speed 3. But the VW bite was just to strong and dragged him back in.

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Chapman loved the GTI, he says that the GTI has the perfect platform for air ride. But that wasn’t the only thing that had him wanting to come back to the Volkswagen scene. The community he said was a big part for him, everyone always lending a hand a giving great advice had him itching to come back.

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Once Chapman had the GTI he knew it was time to mod. Chapman started with some sweet CCW Classics, with a custom powder coat. Then it was time for his AccuAir Management air ride setup. Once the setup was complete Chapman then had to pull and roll the fenders giving his ride that beautiful dumped look.

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Chapman does have plans in the future for this ride. He would like to eventually go big turbo with this setup, making it both function and form. But first he will be fixing the small imperfections on the fenders you get from air ride he says. Chapman would like to thank: Port City Dubs, club Sponsor: Audub Motorsports And of course his Photographer: Amanda Chapman of Lotus Lily Photography.

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I get to see a lot of dubs in my town for H20i and not many can catch my eye like Chapman’s did. He has very unique ride and a great platform for the build he would like to do. So you better keep your out for this North Carolina Vdub, I’m sure there will be great things to see in the future with this one.

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