An Inspired Journey // Juan’s ’07 SI Civic


Juan “Sicarlos” Juaregui picked up this black beauty in ’07 and the two have been together ever since. How something makes transition from an idea to a reality is amazing, and this is no different. Juan set his sights on a goal, and that was to build a landmark in multiple car scenes in one. “The purpose of this build is to show other enthusiasts & builders that you can build a car that can be street able but still have plenty of appeal.”

Photos by: Steven High Photography & Words by: Paul Garno


When a duet like this comes together, it’s a special thing. Juan purchased this car when it was bone stock, just a rookie to the streets. The irony is that in a way, so was he. He didn’t know what a car meet was or that events were even happening regularly. Some of you may laugh about it, but when a man and his car both learn from one another the way these two have it reminds us in a way why we all enjoy it so much.


Playing the role of both the teacher and the student naturally leads to frustrations somewhere down the line, to some it could mean the end of their build. Luckily that wasn’t the case here. “I have learned a lot this couple of years, I came a long way. I’m so proud of myself and my build.”

DSC_1477 copy

As proud as he is, Juan and his ride aren’t done just yet. He still has a few ideas in store for them. “Future plans for this car are, a Bags System, Roll Cage, Bride Seats, Supercharger and, Type R Rear Conversion.” These two are on a journey to create and inspire, and it’s nice to see that they are doing it with originality.











Mugen front lip Mugen front grill Mugen side skirts Mugen defuser (rear lip) Mugen 4 Piece spoiler Mugen window visors Type R fender signal lights. Mugen 4th break light (fog light) Jdm Honda emblems.
Mugen Si emblem (trunk) Project kics R40 lugs Quick bumper Release. Mercedes AMG black Pearl Hood raisers
Project Mu rotors. Skunk2 pro S V2 coil overs. SPC Rear camber kit SPC Front camber bolts
Nardi steering wheel. Works bell hub Works bell quick release Mugen shift nob
Mugen shifter special addition emblem.
Invidia full cat back exhaust Ingen CAI
Exedy stage 2 clutch, lighter flywheel.
Work Meisters S1 3 piece custom size, Tiffany’s Blue Color. Rear: 18×9+20 3 1/2″ inch lip Front: 18×9+22 3″ inch lip
215/35/18 Delintes Tires

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