Peugeot What! // Pauwels’s 208 Peugeot


There are cars we all know and there are cars that we look at and say…”What the…..?” The Peugeot 208 is one of those rides. Depending on where you live or who you know the Peugeot is defiantly few far and in between around the US. Being released in 2011 and the supermini in 2012, the Peugeot is not a very common car.

Photos by: Jonas Vermeiren & Words by: Gina Calhoun


The Peugeot 208 is nothing we have seen in the states but I think it is going to become a favorite to a lot of people. Don’t kill me for saying this but it reminds me of a mix of a Civic Si hatch, wrap around lights like the Hyundai Accent and one very kick ass emblem. Speaking of, why don’t we have that kind of emblems over here? First the Belgium’s have the first beer academy, and then they have over 800 different kinds of beer and now the emblem. Give us something cool come on!! We have to take them off, get everything shaved and call it a day because no one wants those hideous things on their cars. Clean is always the way to go and that is what this car is.


Pauwels Thomas not only rides around the streets of Hemme Belgium with his 208 Peugeot but he does it in style with 1200cc. The 28 year old has done a lot to his ride with making it look even better than Peugeot could do themselves. There are some things that don’t change though no matter where you live. The wheels on all cars are the first thing that you upgrade and that is what Pauwels did. He swapped his stock rims with new tires and 17 inch and 8 wide. He made sure to stretch those tires too. Wrapping them in 185/35/17’s. Of course he had to buy some adaptors to fit the rims on the car.


Pauwels called some people and had Kean suspension make custom coil overs for the 208 because they didn’t even exist. But to his luck they still didn’t fit so Pauwels got a hold of that oh mighty company we all know and love Kone and they fit some for the front and back of his ride dropping it 2.5 inches and putting a engine support on it.


Before it was time to roll those windows down to let his hair flow in the wind, a little time we call summer, he put leather seats in the front and back of his Peugeot. Wrapping his side panels and headliner in that oh so yummy looking fabric too with a little bit of audio to make it sound a.. wait for it….. mazing!!!


Being that this car is a year old Pauwels has come a long way with it and he is not even close to being done yet. He is focused on wrapping some more of his interior in leather, paint the interior parts piano black and cleaning it up some. I don’t know what he calls clean, but that is one of the cleanest rides that I have seen. Keep doing your thing Pauwel and Happy Stancin!!!





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