You Fancy HuH? // Tyler Grimes’s 350z


When i see a Nissan 350z not going to lie it breaks my neck. When i was younger i thought it was just a fancy car, I didn’t think you could do anything else to make them look better than they already did. But I have been proven wrong by Tyler Grimes.

Photos by: Arlen Liverman & Words by: Josh O’ferrall

DSC_4424 happy

Tyler was raised around big v8’s, but loved the body lines the Japanese cars had,so it was an easy choice when he decided to get the 350z.Tyler originally wanted to do a drag and auto cross setup, but performance parts are pretty expensive for the VQ.

DSC_4441 happy

So Tyler went with a flush fitment setup until further down the road with the car. But still setting himself up for racing. Tyler started with suspension adding only the best, Fortune auto coiloversCircuit sports toe/ camber arms, and Cusco adjustable A arm.

DSC_4449 happy

With all the suspension work it was clear Tyler would have to get some nice shoes for his ride. And that’s exactly what he did Tyler went with Work rezax2 mid disk rims. And I’ll tell you it was a great decision this car looks insanely good with this rim choice.

DSC_4454 happy

I admire Tyler decision on keeping the great stock body lines of the car. Something about a stock body of a car slammed on some nice rims always catches my eye more than a fully pimped out ride. To me this really makes a OG car, so Tyler you get a thumbs up from me. I really hope to see more of this car and hear more about it. So trust me when I say you will see more of this car. I know Tyler won’t stop there with his ride, specially with the goal of a drift or autocross car. So keep an eye out readers for more of Tyler’s beautiful Nissan 350z.

DSC_4472 happy

DSC_4477 happy

DSC_4496 happy

DSC_4504 happy

DSC_4535 happy

DSC_4547 happy

DSC_4576 happy (1)

Modification List:
•Jwt popcharger intake
•Custom 3″ straightpipe
•4.08 rear gears
•Fortune auto coilovers
•Circuit sports toe/ camber arms
•Cusco adjustable A arms
•Work rezax2 mid disk 19×10.5 -9 w/ 235/35/19 and 19×12 0 w/ 255/35/19
•35% tint
•blinker/reverse lights tinted red
•shaved emblem on the front bumper

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