Dubbing it out! // Jeffery’s 58′ VW Bug


The addiction of cars is something all of us have. It is something others might not understand and we can never really explain. This happened recently to all of us with the tragic lose of Paul Walker. I don’t know if it was just me but I had so many people want to know why I was upset over someone I didn’t know personally and I realized no matter how much I tried to explain it. They would never get it. He was not just an actor in a movie; he was an icon to all of us. He was a beast on the screen and he brought that talent for the love of cars off of it too.

Photos by: Bram Sercu & Words by: Gina Calhoun


This is the same way that we have to explain to people over and over again why we might have 8 cars in a 3 year period of time or we have 4 cars sitting in our drive way. All of them mean something to us one way or another. I have 6 cars sitting in my garage and they are all different kinds. I just can’t seem to let any of them go. That is why I call it an addiction. It doesn’t really help when my husband is just as addicted as I am either. That is what I call a very hefty insurance plan.


So, meeting Jeffery Duyck is the prime example of what we all are, ADDICTS! And what a great addiction to have I might say. With his passion of modifying cars to his own liking, he started off as a kid. First it was his bike, then he got a motorcycle and soon later he started to modify cars and let me tell you this guy has it bad.


Jeffery started off slow with his first car a Rover 216 and just added a rims and a lowering kit. He then moved up his game with an Opel Astra G and modified it so ridiculous that not only was it well known in his in Belgium where he lives but in other countries too.


Now Jeffery’s changed his taste in rides and he is all about the older American muscle and old VDubs. I have seen some stanced VDubs recently at shows and damn I want one to add to my list of rides too but, they are not very easy to come by right now.

At this very moment if you walked by Jeffery’s house you would see a 2001 Opel Astra G, (do you really think he got rid of that one!) a 1990 Honda CRX, a 1965 Ford Mustang, a 2009 Audi A4 Avant and his favorite the old Bugsy! Again, I will repeat myself just so we are all on the same page. These are not cars that Jeffery “WANTS” these are cars that he has right now.


I just have something to say to him though, “Dag Jeffery, share the love.” I mean 6 cars and you are only one person. Then again I can’t really say too much. I called myself out in the beginning of this article. The Bug is his pride and joy though. It has the original chassis from 1958 and the body is for 1965. Oh of course it has to sit on bags and has cleaned doors, truck and engine.


The motor on this thing is a 1600cc drilled to an 1800cc with a twin solex carburetor. And with a VDub, do you think you could get away with not throwing a cool pinstripe surfboard with artwork done by Looney on the roof of it? I think not. The interior is just as crazy as the outside. For all the things that are holy, his steering wheel is covered in the same leather as his seats so that everything fits just right together. This thing has so many mods to name it is sick.


Jeffery’s future plans for the Bugsy, is to paint the bottom of the car Chrome so that everything on it is chromed out. Front axels and brakes done, he wants to clean up the small details of the car and add some more chrome to the interior. I can’t knock him for that chrome Look at that thing!


Jeffery has done a great job at showing his passion for cars to people at the ripe old age of 29. He manages to have a wife and 2 daughters and still have some money to spend on his addiction. Being a female I know we can be a tad on the expensive side and he has three females in his life. He is doing something right and Jeffery from all of us to you, keep doing your thing! Live Happy and Stance on!






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