Backyard Designz Co. // Division of Backyard Concepts


When I first started talking with Joe at Backyard Designz to be honest I was a little skeptical. Not with the man himself or his work because I had already seen quite a bit of it, but more at the task of being able to accurately describe the work he’s capable of doing. Joe is no novice to the car community or a wrench either.

Photos by: Aleksey Royt & Words by: Kenny Bacon


He officially started his company back in 2004. Although unbeknownst to many his company derived from a previous company called Backyard Concepts. Which was his previously owned company that made vinyl graphics and stickers. Since then he has grown his business into a well reputed shop located in Orange County, California.


One thing that really sets Backyard Designz aside from a lot of shops is that Joe likes to have a regular clientele. Instead of just trying to get the job done, get paid and out the door he prides himself in his ability to connect with his customers to build the car they’re really looking for.


“The customer base we have is loyal to us and feel more than comfortable with us doing the work.” Joe says, “We like to develop a one on one relationship with the customer before we take on their build. That way we can make the build more specific to that customer and their personality.”


Although a lot of his clients own a Honda, his shop isn’t strictly a Honda tuning shop. If you’re needing anything done don’t even hesitate to bring your car by. Whether it’s muscle or import Joe will get it done. The craftsmanship and delicate nature of his builds bring an elegance to the cars he builds. Joe would consider his shop one of multiple interests. He as experience in every spectrum of the auto community.


He is deeply involved in various different types of racing, as well as tuning some of Southern California’s finest streeted rides. If you are from the same are or even passing through. Stop by and see what the man can’t do for you.





























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