Nothing But Stance // Alex Lovaas’s RSX type S


There are a few things in life we will always remember. The first time we hold our child, our wedding, prom night (wink wink) and always pulling the E-brake on a rental car because you just can! This isn’t any different than the first time we take off in our parent’s car doing stupid crap with our friends. And it sure as hell isn’t any different than the first time we realize we are a beast behind the wheel and know this is exactly where we belong.

Photos by: Alex Bousquet & Words by: Gina Calhoun


It might take some of us longer than others to be in a world where your money, dreams, and weekends are all consumed by cars but we all find our way and we will always remember that day! At that moment… that very moment we know our lives changed forever. We live and breathe them, love them, cures them (oh is that just me? My bad) any who…


Alex Lovaas took his time to get in our world but he got there and that is all that matters. Growing up in Lexington, South Carolina he was obsessed with sports. You name it and he played it. Really what is there to do in South Carolina? I think that place is just as bad as Florida where I live but his future sports career ended with a tragic broken shoulder he got in football. Don’t you dare shed a tear for him. This tragic accident is what got him into our world. That person above always has bigger and better things for us; we just never know it then.


After high school Alex had a 2003 Chevy Avalanche but soon realized his pockets didn’t like him very much when he was dropping $120 to fill the tank up. So, that is when he decided to take up another hobby. Oh you all know where I am going with this. Alex sold that Chevy and got himself a bone stock 2002 RSX Type S! The first thing he did was take all that extra cash from getting the Avalanche and modded the crap out of the RSX with what he calls as “Ricey” parts. You know what I am taking about; ruff racing wheels, stickers galore and a P1 front lip. It wasn’t until he came across Club RSX that Alex slowly learned he just pissed his money away.


After a few different sets of wheels and a few wrecks he had to start from scratch. Getting rid of the springs and bought coilovers instead and replacing his front end with a Mugen lip kit. Then as some people like me would be cursing; Alex saw a gift from above again. Man, he must be tight with that man. His front end got hit yet again. Why wasn’t he mad you ask, because he then upgraded to a 2005-2006 RSX front end, and painted his car a fresh Night Hawk Black Pearl with that beautiful check he received from Uncle Sam every year if we are lucky enough to get it.


The next thing you know Alex was spending more money on the perfect stance set up. Lucky for him but bad for his friend that wrecked his 240 and offered Alex a deal on some 17×10/11 Work Rezax rims he could not refuse. Two sets of tires and five days of fitment and “Bam” he got it slammed exactly how you see it now.

With a new paint job, front end conversions, a Mugen lip kit, Type R spoiler, badges, and a Neo chrome front tow hook you think he would be done. Nope think again.


With every sexy exterior there has to be something just as hot on the inside. With a pwjdm shift know, Grip Royal Classic Wood Grain steering wheel, Buddy Club short shifter box, and a NRG hub and quick release his hands are pretty occupied. Alex lays comfortably in his DC5R Red Recaro seats with 4 point Takata harnesses, jamming out with a Double Din JVC Radio and leaning on the matching red Recaro door inserts.


Alex has no desire to quit anytime soon either. He loves driving his Type S and breakin necks daily. He lives for it. Why not? You know we all do it. Alex, one question though? Where have you been all my life? Jock turned car freak and has a daily use of any tool I could need or dream of! Alex you keep doing your thing. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Live Happy and Stance on!







Modification List:

Pw:jdm shift knob
Red Recaro door inserts
Dc5r Red Recaros
Nrg hub and quick release
Grip Royal Classic Wood Grain Steering wheel
Buddy club short shifter box
Double din Jvc Radio
4pt Takata Harnesses
Partially gutted rear

Fresh NHBP paint (2013)
05-06 Front Conversion
Type R Front and Rear Badges
Mugen lip kit – minus sidekirts
Type R Spoiler
Neochrome Front Tow Hook
8000k Hids
Yellow Fog lights
Tinted windows
Taillight redouts
Blackworks quick release bumper tabs

Suspension and Wheels:
D2 Coilovers
Custom made pillow ball mounts
17×10/11 +11 Work Rezax
Front 3inch lip 205/40/17
Rear 4inch lip 215/45/17
Spc front camber bolts set at -1.5degrees
Spc Rear Camber arms set at -3.5degrees
Removed fenderliners

Mugen Upper Strut Bar
K&N typhoon Short Ram Intake
Rbc Intake Manifold
Hondata IMG
Kpro (Tuned by Morris)
Mpc Fuelrail and Blackworks fuel pressure Guage
Obx 4-2-1 Race header
Borla header back
Tucked Throttle Cable
Deleted Cruise Cable
Hood Dampers
Type R Spark Plug cover
[*]Spoon Resivour Covers

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