Dare To be Unique // Willie Brillo’s XB


When you think of a Scion what is your first thought? You know what mine are? That damn bell. If you have no idea what I am talking about let me bring your to the light When you get the keys to your brand new scion you have to walk over to a big loud bell and ring it. It doesn’t sound that bad until everyone in the showroom is yelling, cheering and staring at you. It was all just a weird experience if you ask me but it works for them.

Photos & Video by: Bryant Vargas of Diamond Photography & Films & Words by: Gina Calhoun


That is just one of many things that Scion does that make them stand out from the rest. When Toyota Motorsports created Scion back in 2002 they had one thing in mind and that was their target market. With the Fast and Furious franchise, Gone in 60 Seconds and so many other car movies out at that time Toyota wanted to create a car brand focused on generation Y!


We were the ones that were spending tons of money hooking up Civics, Preludes, 240’s, Supra’s, and Integras. We were the ones that had our credit cards in hand and maxed out as soon as we walked out of our favorite car shop! Ah the good ole days, when I max my credit cards out at18 years old because I wanted to win a trophy at Nopi Nationals that year for my Prelude. (By the way, I got 2nd place in the whole show, Thank you!)  Most girls max their credit cards out at the mall. I maxed mine out at Redline Technology for all my car goodies. Toyota knew how we spent our money and they knew that we spent every weekend at car shows. They were trying to give us a car that was great to look at and had a price tag that would not kill us even buying it brand new. Thus coming out with the xA hatch and the xB wagon. The xB was a hot car at the time and everyone wanted it. The car came stock with a lowering kit, rims for a little extra and an interior that looked like most racing seat you bought. Let’s not forget about that huge speed gauge on the dashboard either.


At the age of 48 years old William Figueroa aka Willie Brillo is running the streets in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Brillo was born and raised around cars. He probably was working on cars before most of you were a twinkle in your momma and daddy’s eye. At a young age Willie started working at local mechanic shops learning everything and anything he could get his hands on and he was always looking to find a car that was right for him. This car had to be just right with an old school vibe. One day the gods smiled down on him and gave him a Scion xB.


Brillo’s 2005 xB is one of a kind when you see it driving down the road. Willie Brillo got his nickname because of the odd taste of modding he loved. His motto is “Dare to be unique.” And this Scion fits him just right. The outside is painted in a Blue Onyx Pearl with a full air suspension under its skirt. It is all about the bags and valves on this xB, making it look like it is hovering on air.When you look under that hood you will find a custom one of a kind two tone powder coated motor cover, Injen Intake, Hotchkins shocks and sorber bar, NGR hood dampers, intake throttle and a JDM password battery hold down. It looks damn clean under that hood if you ask me.


With the outside of the xB looking like a beast we have to remember what is in that ride. The interior has an OEM leather steering wheel, custom four-tone upholstery. You have heard of two tones but four tones, WHAT! Momma never told you about that did she. All right Willie, you keep doing your thing. And don’t forget, with every car comes a kick ass sound system, which he so happened to install himself. Just one of may tricks of the trade Brillo has. Mr. Willie Brillo we all salute you and your uniqueness. Live Happy and Stance on buddy!










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