Drift Missle // Lee’s MX5

MX5 Side Profile

Today I bring you an out right amazing build from one of our good friends Lee-micheal fairclough from across the pond in the U.K. I know when I see Mx5’s here in the U.S I melt I love the way they look. It’s almost like they are from another world of stance. The Mx5 is an amazing platform for some really unique builds and that’s what our friend Lee has done.

Photos by: Toby Trice Photography & Words by: Josh O’Ferrall


Lee has taken his Mx5 to a whole new level one of the cleanest cars and builds I’ve had the pleasure to see. Lee was brought into the car world when his friends had started to get into the culture. He started his journey with a Volkswagen lupo GTI Wolfsburg Edition. From then on Lee was hooked like all of us know, now every extra second Lee gets it’s spent under his Mx.


Lee started with a standard 1.6 Mx5 as a dream drift build. Starting with small mods like coil overs and wheels, but this quickly changed. The once standard 1.6 Mx5 is now a Frankenstein with it’s new heart a 1.8T running a T28 Turbo. But just like all of us Lee wasn’t just going to stop there. Lee then did a full color change from the stock Mariner Blue to an amazing Mercedes Himalayan Grey which really makes the flow of this car pop if you ask me.


I really do like the fact Lee is kinda stick between the stance lid and the drift life. Really gives this car it’s own look a nice mix of stance and functionality. I love this Mx5 with all the ones I’ve seen in person at H20i and other events I’ve caught myself going back to the pictures of Lees car just gawking over the interior and just every little unique thing he has done to this Car it’s so clean and just beautiful.


From the carbon miata spoilers and hardtop to the Sparco sprint red bucket seats this car sure does stand out. The combination of the Grey and the Reds really makes parts you don’t see from the outside of the car pop out. Like most of us already know a build like this does not come without sacrifices and hard wok. Lee is no stranger to this working two jobs to fuel his obsession of building a dream.


I know for sure Lee won’t be stopping here with his Mx5, as he is now test fitting an Arios Bodykit. Lee will then be getting a retune to get his Drift missile to 270whp. But keep your eyes out for this Mx5 in the future and maybe a Nissan R32 that might be in Lees future, after seeing this build I can’t wait to see his next.


Modification List:

Full color change from Marnier Blue to Mercedes Himalayan Grey

Garage Vary style front lip

Garage Vary style side feed skirts

Bomex rear bumper


Carbon miata hardtop spoiler

Ducktail spoiler

Sparco sprint red buckets

Dished wheel

Yoshibits drift knob

Takata harnesses

Innovative air/fuel gauge

Boost gauge

Megasquirt ms2 diypnp ecu

Rokker mk2 coilovers with mk2 top mounts

Carbing Front strut brace

Carbing Rear strut brace

Welded diff

Xxr 527 15×8.25 sprayed in Nissan Red wrapped in 195/45/15 tyres all round

1.8 engine conversion from 94’ mk1

Tubular manifold

T28 turbo

Medium sized intercooler

2.5” ic pipes on throttle body side and 2” ic pipes on turbo side

Full set of stoney racing silicone hoses

Rx7 460cc injectors

Egr valve delete

2.5 straight through to a HKS exit

Custom oil feed and oil return lines

Dual radiator fans

BOV (blow off valve)
Currently trial fitting a Arios Bodykit and waiting on re-map to make it 270hp. All to be done by 10th april

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