HOMERUN // Karan Singh’s ’10 Accord

12915487544_ac1219ffe4_hI’ve got one word for you, “homerun”. This thing is pretty. It’s the simplicity in it that truly brings out its own shine. There are always going to be the folks that look at the car and see an Accord; there is no escaping that. On the other hand, there are the dreamers like Karan (owner). Now, when I say “dreamers” I’m not talking about the people who just sit around and wait for things to come to them. I refer rather to those who work hard to follow their vision, and see it through to the end.

Photos by: Omar Dada & Words by: Paul Garno

12915073255_e3fd900c32_hThe right height, the fitment, the stance, it all just flows so evenly on this car. Everything falls right into place and subtlety complements one another. As Karan said, I believe it’s the wheels that really do a justice to this build. Just by looking at  it, it’s clear to see that this wasn’t rushed at all. Everything on this car has had thought put into it, and that’s what truly makes a harmonious vibe.

12915101955_a04c233a41_h I don’t know about you, but I feel something when I see this car. I get excited just looking at it. Granted it’s no race car, and it didn’t cost 100k but that’s what so awesome about it! This car proves you that you don’t need a million bucks and endless supply of time to have a radical ride that breaks necks. .

12915114845_17fec48b57_hLet us dissect! This is a well evolved two door slam piece that had spawn from a well-priced family sedan. Just like this car, the scene is evolving. No longer do you need a sports car to be a part of what we all enjoy. I’d even go as far to say that I could see this car end up in the exponentially popular VIP scene as it goes on.

12915191163_d5291d28b3_hThis is honestly another one of those cars that makes you believe that this how it should have rolled off the showroom floor. Well done sir, well done.







Modification List:

-Ksport Kontrol Pro Fully Adjustable Coilover Kit
-K&N Cold-air Intake
-Magnaflows dual exhaust system from catback
-Honda HFP sideskirts
-JPower rear full Camberkit
-STi front lip
-Honda OEM Trunk lid spoiler
-Roof Wing
-DDM 10k HID Kit
-Honda OEM Fog lights (3k)
– BMW OEM 7Series [Style95s] Wheels
– Front: 19×9
– Rear: 19×10

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