DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER // Blake Kaufman’s s2000


I’m not the biggest Honda fan in the works, I do like honda’s and boy do I have a soft spot for the S2000. Something about the way the body flows from the back to the front. And then you add coilovers and wheels in the mix and the car just transforms. To me there is nothing like a slammed hard top s2000, they just stand out and break my neck everytime.

Photos by: Arlen Liverman & Words by: Josh O’Ferrall


I’m happy to bring you a S2000 owner that really has done his car right. Blake Kaufman an 18 year old senior from Charlotte, North Carolina. Blake got his start from riding dirt bikes as a kid. Then when Blake was old enough to get his license he started out 2000 Integra where he slowly started to stance it out.


He knew that stance was the way he really wanted to go. Blake says “I just can’t get enough of the negative camber, broken wheels and tight wheel gap, it breaks peoples necks like none other!” And I can’t agree with him enough stanced cars always get extra attention from me I live them.

Then the time came where Blake wanted to move on so he sold the Integra, and bought a sick Silvia S13. But that was short lived as one day sadly a lady merged into Blake and his beloved Silvia was totaled. And that’s where he decide to buy his current 2002 Berlin Black S2000. He knew as soon as he bought it the first thing he wanted to do was buy BBS’s for, and that’s what he did.


Blake has truthfully put together a beautiful car, he has added a beautiful hard top color matched to the car. Blake has also done a complete suspension to this car allowing him to get that stance look he wanted. The camber on his car is just right if you ask me, the whole car just sits and flows perfect.

What I love about Blake’s S2000 is it’s a simple but complicated build all in one. The subtle changes he has done is what really makes this car a masterpiece. Blake’s future plans for his S2000 consist of having bagged, polished roll cage, polish the BBS’s, Takata seat belts bride low max seats. Also the possibility of wide body, bigger wheels and a LS1.


As I always say please keep and eye out for this amazing ride. I can’t wait for what Blake has in store next. And after all the attention I’ve noticed this car already getting I can’t imagine what it will be like when it’s done. So definitely plan on seeing this car around.





Modification List:
BBS RS custom built by spintech
17×9.5(205/40/17) ,17×10.5(215/40/17)
Faces powdered gold and bolts are 24kt gold
Double stepped lips (3.5 in the rear 3 in the front)

Megan racing street LP series
Megan racing adjustable toe arms
Spc adjustable ball joints
Tie rod ends
Front anti bump steer kit
Rear roll center adjuster
Front roll center offset adjuster
Rear driveshaft spacer

Forbidden mugen replica hard top
OEM ap2 front bumper
Replica mugen front lip
Apr carbon fiber mirrors
Black painted headlight housings

Exhaust                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 jsracing 70mm rs
Highflow cats

Dark cherry nardi steering wheel
Nrg quick release & hub

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