FAMILY JEWEL // Jerry Morales’s Ls430


We all start to love cars at the one point in our lives to get us where we are today and most of us remember those important moments. Being a girl you would like to think I would remember the things like my first kiss or my first date. Nope think again. I have no clue. First, because the guys were probably total idiots and second because really who remembers that kind of crap anyway.

Photos by: AHF Productions & Words by: Gina Calhoun

 Now ask me the day I knew my dream car was a Supra or when I learned how to lower a car. I can tell you the place I was, who was with me and what I was wearing. Well, maybe not what I was but you get the point. We remember the things that we love and just like the rest of you I grew up playing with cars not playing dress up. I was in the garage working with my dad on nights where most were out at parties and when I was pissed I would clean the crap out of my car instead of throwing temper tantrums.


Jerry Morales is like all of us. It took that little 96 metal matchbox car to flip his world upside down and he has never come back since. Can’t blame him. Cars are a rare species all on their own. They come in all shapes and size, we can dress them up, and play with them. We can do whatever we want with them and they will always treat us good. Ahhhh….. the wonderful powers that cars have over us.


Growing up in El Paso Texas, his uncle taught him everything he knew about cars. He was a mechanic and a painter so once Jerry got in that garage he never looked back. One point for Jerry for having an uncle that kicks butt.


When he first walked into the stanced scene it was new in his city. At that time he had a SRT4 Neon which was all motor. He built that thing to go fast and we all know it is not the easiest task to go fast and also not hit all those lovely dips in the road. While Jerry was doing some mandatory research on this new obsession his wife came and told him that she was pregnant. Well, being the soon to be responsible dad that he was, he decided he needed a family vehicle. Good for you bro! I have two boys and I will not give up my car if you paid me. Thank goodness for me and my boys love the car as much I do so I don’t feel guilty.


He decided to get his new growing family a Lexus GS300. Great car for upgrades and a great family wagon. Nice pick Mr. Morales. Jerry wanted a 2000 body GS since he was in middle school so now was his time to get it. But like all things it had to come to an end. The GS body style was being seen everywhere in his city and he did not want that. God, That would be like having a mustang for goodness sake. No offense but they are like toilet bowls, everyone has one. So, he said goodbye to the little lady and he is now sporting a mouth watering LS430.


This 2005 every bulb changed to HID or LED. “I’m blind, I’m blind.” I am not hating on you either but I have the same thing and dang those are bright in the interior. He has four junction produce neck pads and all of his custom leather and diamond stitched mats to stretch out on.


For the stance to be as perfect as it looks Jerry is not playing games. He used a d2 full air ride with VIP Modular 15 wheels that are 20×10+0 and 20×11-5 which are wrapped around 235/35r/20 and don’t forget about rolling those fenders. That just had to be done to make it as sexy as this sits.


Under the hood the Lexus has a DC Sport intake with a muffler delete for the sound. His VIP’d OUT front table and Jaguar rear trays are in black. And lets not forget about that color. Oh, the color how I love you. To normal folks they will see silver. That is fine but what you don’t see in those pictures is the custom paint from Willie at Henry’s body shop did. There is pearl and flake in that ladies and gentleman. Yes, I said it, ice pearl on top and a custom black flake mix that no one shall ever have.


While Jerry is not riding around in his sick Lexus he is a D.O.D contractor where he manages a group of people that train our soldiers. Major props to you for that buddy. He is the head of his car club called Royal Society, which you can check out at And if that is not enough at the young age of 25 years old he has a beautiful wife name Bonnie and two wonder boys Jayden and Jose that he thanks for putting up with him and his car antics on a daily basis. Jerry, make sure you give those kids of yours little metal cars. We need to get the next generation of stance going. Who knows what they will be into by then but I can only imagine! keep doing your thing and we will see you around hitting the streets in the one of a kind Lexus. Live Happy and Stance on.!!!


Oh, let’s not forget that Jerry wanted to shout of a ton of people so big thanks to:


Willie at Henry’s

VIP Modular


Royal Society

And his family.

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