SHOTS FIRED // Josua Paul’s Honda City Persona


Constructing cars is always a good time. Building a brand around a car you built is probably the single most radical thing you could do. Josua Paul of Indonesia did just that. He himself founded Speedtuner Autowardrobe. “This car is my mascot, he has helped me to reach all I’ve wanted.”

Photos by: Adrian Gudil & Words by:  Paul Garno


People talk a lot about how “Haters are my motivators” and all that jazz, this car is the stellar offspring of that exact motivation. When Josua had first picked up his car, he had no intentions of doing anything to it. In fact, he never even wanted this car. All he was interested in was an ordinary Honda Civic.


Soon after he had purchased it, he continuously kept getting sarcastic and negative comments about how ordinary his car was. That was all the ammunition he needed; shots fired. He felt people were underestimating him and his abilities, so he set out to build the best sx8 he could. I think he has done just that.


Motivation is powerful. Without it, you are guaranteed to sink. Too little, and you will struggle to stay afloat. The words of these people have become the sole ambition that lead to a rad ride, two crazy companies, and a best friend. Josua claims he can always confide in his car.


They have always been there for one another no matter the conditions. So yes, thank you haters and please continue to be the motivation that leads to this.









SX815If you like to see more of what’s going on over at Speedtuner Autowardrobe, go check them out at their instagram: @speedtuner_Indonesia. Also a big thanks to Adrian Gudil for being on board for this much awaited feature. See more of Adrian’s work at his instagram: @adriangudil.

Modification List:

Front lips by Private Garage
Canard by Private Garage
Rear Wing by Private Garage
Spoon rear view mirror
Billion air funnel
D1spec hood pin lock
Azev 16×9-10 et.5 (195/45)
Custom KYB shock breaker
Custom Spring Eibach
Brembo brake pads
Cross bar by JsRacing
Porting N Polished
Fujitsubo exhaust tip
NGK spark plug + wire
Bandung West Java Indonesia
Honda City Persona A/T 1998


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