Family ties // Corey West’s Fresh Subaru wrx


There is a time in our lives when we learn what is important and what we have to put aside. For most of us this comes when we grow up and I don’t mean when you are 18 years old, think you know everything and in the governments eyes “legal”. Let me tell you, that you are not. There is no specific age in my brain of when that is. It all depends on the person. It usually comes after you actually live your life, went threw crap and back, get a job, maybe get married but definitely when you have kids. 

Photos by; Corey West & Words by: Gina Calhoun


Sometimes is takes some adjusting to realize that you have to be responsible and that it is not only your life you can mess up anymore. I still act like goofy and most of the time I am pretty much on the same level as my kids but you know you are now not the most important person in your world anymore and let me tell you this puts a huge damper on your hobbies. For instance you want a new set of rims but spend that money on a go-kart for your kid instead. (which is so fun by the way) Getting a fresh outfit or getting your son a new pair of J’s. So, this is my public service announcement to all of you out there in the car world. If you are still selfish and don’t want to share. Which there is NOTHING wrong with that, than wrap it up. No seriously wrap it up but when I tell you it is the best thing in this world to have that little person love you unconditionally I would take that over any damn car in the world.


When speaking with Corey West he put all of that out there. Let me give you a little run down. Living in Fort Wayne, IN Corey graduated from Bowling Green State University with a degree in Visual Communication Technology and got a day job working sales for a print company that specializes in durable grade OEM product marketing. Yes please where can I sign up for that? At night he is all a bout his wonderful wife, Kate, beautiful 9 month old son Joseph, cars, playing drums and golfing.


Cory is a true Euro fan. He started in this crazy world with a 1976 BMW in 2002, when he sold that he got a 2000 VW Golf in college. While in college he asked himself what was important? eating or car parts? Well guess what, he lived on ramen noodles and water. Well we all have been there, and his world his car before anyone or anything. With going through 26 sets of wheels in 8 years, shaved everything, swaps everywhere it wasn’t until he met his wife that he then realized the importance of family, good ole cupid and his arrows. He realized he needed to get out his bachelor ways and grow up. Corey traded his VW and got his wife her first Nissan SER Spec V. What a good guy that Corey is.


By getting his her new car, he turned her into a car enthusiast. Good job my friend, good job. Corrupting minds to turn into our world one person at a time. Mwah ha ha ha!! (Dr. Evil voice). She traded the Spec V for a new 2012 a Subaru WRX sedan when they found they were having a little boy on the way. While Corey loves the fact the wife is all about the cars he could not have his wife having a faster car than him. Shortly after picking up her ride up he ordered himself a 2012 Subaru WRX in satin white pearl. Got to love that pearl.


With in the first month owning the car he set it up with Torqued Performance stage 2 and had the guys over at Air Lift use his car as a prototype for the GR platform which rides awesome. And you know the exterior gives off the vibe, You know which one I am talking about everyone. What we all say to ourselves, “can we take this guy?” We all do it, don’t be ashamed. The custom headlights, red taillight and brake light overlays, carbon fiber stubby and roof overlay, Oem rack for all of Joseph’s goodies, 2008 Impreza scoop-less hood and V-limited lip, gives the cleanest look that will definitely have you questioning what the heck he has don’t to it.


With so many things to name on this WRX I could not tell you where I wanted to start. Even though this car looks good the engine has an AEM intake, CNT catted downpipe, Cobb Accessport, Cobb turbo heat shield, Kartboy SS, Kartboy bushings, FMS FMIC, SPT catback, Torqued Performance stage 2 tune, and a turbo smart BPV. It’s sitting pretty on Air Lift Performance struts, with 18×9.5 3SDM 0.05 and 18×10 Forgeline GX wheels that were custom made with meaning. The centers represent his son’s birthstone while the barrels in a Emerald Green that represent Corey’s. Corey is not slacking in the interior either with all LED lighting, JPM Coachworks e-brake, and shift boots and Kartboy shift knob.


With the automotive world still going stronger than ever as Corey said, “car enthusiasts are a true breed of their own.” Being if you are in your 30’s like Corey and myself, in your 20’s or even your 70’s we all show respect for each other and our rides. We might not all like the same things but have respect for the people that make their rides their own.

The moral of this story kiddos is first and foremost, your family is important. and make sure you find a person that is in to cars as much as you are. Then there will be no arguing about spending money on car stuff. Shoot, call me crazy but I would take my twin to a single turbo swap in my Supra over a closet full of designer shoes any day. And when you do have kids, do what we all do, raise them to be the next generation of car enthusiast. You will at least be guaranteed they will have jobs and hard workers. They need money to buy car parts right. Ha ha.


Cory’s future plans are to maybe get a M3 since he still is a sucker for Euro cars and when he puts enough money aside for his kids college, he hopes to purchase an Aston Martin Vantage V12. Cory, quick tip to save money… Great grades equal’s great scholarships, which mean free money, which means you guessed it, when they graduate high school you can treat yourself to that Aston Martin. See it is all about compromising. It was great to speak with Cory and realize no matter what our hobbies are, it is the people that make the difference. Cory you are a awesome guy, great husband and kick ass father. Joseph is a lucky little man to have two such cool parents. It is people like you that make this car world what it is. Keep doing your thing. Live Happy and Stance on.


Modification List:
AEM intake
CNT catted downpipe
Cobb accessport
Cobb turbo heat shield
Kartboy SS
Kartboy bushings
SPT catback
Torqued Performance Stage 2 tune
Turbo Smart BPV

Air Lift Performance struts
18×9.5 3SDM 0.05 (winter mode)
18×10 Forgeline GX3

Kartboy shift knob
JPM Coachworks shift boot
JPM Coachworks ebrake boot
LED lighting

Custom headlights
Carbon fiber stubby
Carbon fiber roof overlay
OEM racks
Red taillight overlays
Red brake light overlay
2008 Impreza Scoop-less hood
V-Limted lip


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