French Connection // Aurelien’s Silvia S14a


There are many things that we know about other countries in the import industry. First, lets be honest that all the awesome cars are there. If I could only vacation in Japan to see all those rides, damn that would be sick. Can you imagine the car scene there and the shows. oh god the shows.

The second thing is that in Japan, cop cars are only factory tuned which means that they only can do 180k. That is right ladies and gents. If you go over 112 miles per hour they cannot keep up. Thus giving you an easy way to get away from them. I am not telling you to break any laws here. I am just stating some fun facts and maybe an experience I may or may not try in my life. Who knows, im just saying.

Photos by: Solenne Pettit and Words by: Gina Calhoun


We dream about all the skylines that are on the roads daily. Well maybe you don’t but I sure as hell do. Right hand drive in all its magnificent glory. People in the states do anything for a right hand drive car. People don’t deal with smuggling drugs in the states; they deal with smuggling in cars. I have never had one but you know you always know the friends, friend that has.


When we think of France what comes to your mind? I know what I think of love, romance, FOOD, lots and lots of food. When you think of cars what do you think of? I always picture a little mini cooper style car and some of that may be right but, they have the freakin Bugatti or have you checked out the Citroen brand. Holy Jeez those are some sick cars.


When I spoke to Aurelien, from Gueret, France he was not at all on the same car page as everyone else in his hometown. At young age he started playing Grand Turismo, and it turned into a fetish. His first car was a Renault Super 5 and from there he got Skylines, RX7, RX8 and a Silvia. Pretty impressive line up if I do say myself. His love is not in the cars you find on the streets in France. It is the Japan style rides, the import scene. He spends his time with his friends drifting, rallying or just going to the track. His holiday; while most of us are sitting eating dinner with our family, he is outside working on his car with his dad and friends. We can go to any local speed shop or online and order anything we want and we get it in a month max, unless it is on backorder. He orders something and it takes him six months to get and the taxes up there are crazy compare of what we spend here, how about you double if not triple that price. That is dedication.


Currently at the age of 26, Aurelien has a Nissan Silvia Right Hand drive S14a. The things done to this car are unbelievable. With a full rebuild on the engine, 555c injectors, turbo and Nistune ecu by FC-Tuning to get 320hp @ 1.2Ib is crazy. The interior is all gauged up, with booth controller, turbo timer (god I love turbo timers, that is money well invested right there) Bride seats, quick release and a Momo steering wheel, it is like laying in the best bed ever. The exterior of this fine piece of machinery has carbon 4D covering doors and boot. Really 4D come on now, this car is so sick. Body kit, fender flares, front wing, spoiler and a midnight purple II paint. With it sitting on Wed Kranze LXZ 9.5X18J -13 front wheel with a 20mm spacer and 11x18J -23 rear wheel.


When I first saw this car I thought of my Nissan 240 I had in high school. I was so cool back then. I don’t really know what happened to me.  I loved that car and I was so excited to write this piece on Aurelien. This car was made for the streets. It was made to be seen but unfortunately they are not very fond of Aurelien and his Silvia in France. It is difficult to drive this car on the streets and the police, well lets say the don’t like it. Everything that he has done to it is not authorized for street use. What!!!! All that work and no cruise time. Not cool France, not cool.


With a passion for cars and car like his, Aurelien can sure show up a lot of people. He has learned everything he knows online and he has built himself a car that will not stand a chance against most. I would say to check him out on the streets if you in his area but unfortunately you can’t. Then again after talking to him, I don’t know if he follows that rule too much.

Aurelien you are ridiculous at what you do. Keep it up and I cant wait to see what you have in store for us in the future. Live Happy and Stance on.





Modification List:

Full rebuild by hays engineering
Nismo 555cc injector
GT28RS ball bearing turbo
Japspeed exhaust manifold
HPI elbow
blitz downpipe
japspeed decat pipe
japspeed catback exhaust
Front mount intercooler
blitz type rs dump valve
Nistune ecu mapped by FC-tuning 320hp @ 1,2b
Interior : 
Greddy gauge set ( boost, oil pressure, oil temp, water temp, exhaust temp )
Greedy profec b2 boost controler
clipper alarm with turbo timer
bride low max seat
momo drifting steering wheel
sparco quick release
Exterior :
Ep racing front wing + 25mm
Ep racing rear fender +50mm
full Ep racing W9 style body kit
D-spec carbon bonnet
GT carbon wing spoiler
Home made front fender flare with carbon 4D covering
carbon 4D covering doors
carbon 4D covering boot
home made front light
Midnight Purple II paint
Wheels :
Weds Kranze LXZ
9,5X18J -13 front wheel with 20mm spacer
11X18J -23 rear wheel

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