SoWo 2014 // Video Coverage

Controlled Chaos –SoWo VIII

            The eighth annual SoWo (Southern Worthersee) held in Helen, Georgia may have been my first; but will certainly not be my last. I was originally skeptical of how good it could honestly be. I thought it would be the same few cars all weekend and few small parties in between… I was SO wrong.

Video by: Mike DaSilva & Words by: Paul Garno

Thousands of cars and people, all different from the last took part in a total town takeover. The well-equipped and highly decorated town had prepared for a war the likes of which comes around once a year; SoWo. All day, every day cars were stuffed and crammed with last night’s leftover party passengers as they were all carted to the next show/meet/get together. At every corner there were people screaming and cheering on drivers as if they were gladiators in the coliseum. There came a point where it was becoming hard to find a decent reason not to cook your tires off in a radical plume of smoke. It’s best to be defined as controlled chaos.

There was never enough time in one day. I highly suggest making the plans to go. The people, the cars, the town, the trip, the parties, the culture is all more than worth it. I am already excited for what next year has to offer us. #DAYSINNCREW

One thought on “SoWo 2014 // Video Coverage

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