Sitting Pretty // David’s Autobahn Edition Mk6


Did you ever notice something sitting around rotting away? How about something being neglected and not being cared for the way it needs to be? Yes I am talking about a car, what do you think I am talking about you dirty birdies. Oh, never mind I don’t think I want to know, or maybe I do. Wink wink!  We all have come across these times, and they are irritating. The owners will let that could be beautiful piece of a machine get neglected but they will not do anything about it. When asked if they want to sell it, they say no because one day they plan on doing something with it. When huh? When will you do something with it?

Photos by: Kevin Turner @ Turnstyle Visuals & Words by: Gina Calhoun


I have come across old Chevy’s, Honda Civic hatches and even a mouth watering 57 Chevy Belair that people just let sit. They will not do anything with it. They will not sell it. FYI to those people and you know who you are, you really piss me off. Stop being so greedy because you know if you have not done anything with it yet, you will not do anything with it at all.  Ok, 1…2….3….. Breathe. Ok I am good now.


Anywho…. David Hoffman from good ole Pennsylvania, got into import scene two years ago. His buddy had an mk4 Jetta sitting at the house that was in pretty nasty shape. You know the one I am talking about, the car that is spray bombed in only certain spots, the engine is taped together with glue and duct tape. Yep, that is the car. Well, David saw potential in that little Jetta so after some convincing of his friend and bought that car, thus creating the car lover he is today.



In those three months it took to restore that Jetta, David went from a school Chevy guy and turned to a new world we all know, we love, we all live and breathe for, imports. Now if you see David he is driving around in a 2010 Mk6 GTI Autobahn Edition. Which took him a 4 hour ride round trip to pick up.



The performance set up on this car has an upgraded intake and catback exhaust to make sure the car sounds as nice as it looks. My favorite feature on this car is how sexy she sits. She is sitting on Airlift with Koni shocks and has 3SDM .06 18×9 wheels all around her. This car is not just clean, it is really clean. From the interior to the exterior, under the hood and on the wheels you can eat off.



In the past 2 years David has came into our world, has a girl that is just as much of a car geek as him, driving around in her black and pink 04 WRX. You do your thing girl. And has also started a car club in the short period time.


When asked what his future has in store for him. He said that he sees a right-hand drive swap in his future. Oh, yes… we all see that future for us one day. It is just when? No one really knows. In my world it is like that mysterious leprechaun that we all talk about but we never see.



David, from going to a guy all about old school rides to spreading your love and entering the import world is freaking awesome. You are just another positive example that everyone has their own style and their own taste in what they do with their rides. There is no right or wrong. Just because you do not like it doesn’t mean that you cant appreciate it. I hope that in 5 years from now you are right and, I know you as the guy that has turned the automotive scene to the next level. See ya’ in 5 bro. Live Happy and Stance On.








Shout outs: Chris from CBTuning, Dave from Fast of Westchester, Steven from Ruthless Graphics, and Travis from Powered Remedies. Also Savana Brake for sticking with me when I am broke from buying car parts.


Forge twinnercooler setup with upgraded stock front mount to s3 front mount.
AWE tuning turbo outlet pipe
APR stg 1 + 2 carbino intake
Forge dv spacer
Piersburg upgraded DV
Unitronic Stg 2 tune
Spm 3in downpipe to magnaflow 3in catback
Audi r8 coil packs with red trim.

Front struts are airlift slam series xl
Rear bags are Airlift double bellows
Neuspeed sway bars in front and back
Two Viar 440cc compressors
10 gallon air tank
Switchspeed air ride management system.
Koni rear sport shocks.

3sdm .06 18×9.5 all around

Dual gauges for air ride
Vinyl tile in rear as false floor
Gti monster mats

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