Passion for Stance // Poul’s Integra Type R


I think we all can agree that stance is a lifestyle, it is a choice and it is either something that you love or you hate. There really is no in between with it. Some people don’t like it because they don’t understand it, others just think we are straight up looney. To have tires that are so flush and sit so perfect on a car takes skill and I am not talking about airbags either. I am talking about straight up coilover kit with camber. I am talking about rolling those fenders so that your rims fit without rubbing.


Photos by: YHED Photographer & Words by: Gina Calhoun


Some of us learn to do this from friends, others online with youtube videos and some just do the whole trial and error method. When I started in this scene I went to my trust device that I call computer. I went to different forums to see reviews of what people were using and a long story short, I spent a little bit of money but not a lot. Got some yellow sport koni struts, buddy coilovers and camber kit. For you newbies out there, just go with that. No more research needed. I gave you the answers to your problems. Is it the best on the market.


Poul Wong is a huge fan of stance but It is really that accepted in his home country of Thailand. They are about the air ride over there but Poul saw a video online that changed his way of thinking forever. He got so freaking excited about this new flush style of car that he made this new obsession a reality.


His integra is sitting on Swift coilovers 20k in the front and Mugen coilovers 22k in the rear, he also added front lower camber arms. The integra sitting on SSR SP1 18×9 -10 offset & 18×10 -13 wheels in the rear with the help of 0.05 spacers. Just looking at this car sitting like this makes me all hot and bothered inside.


That nice custom kit on the outside of the Integra helps pull the whole thing together just nicely. With a list on items that go on for days and a passion for the scene like no other. In the plans for future, well be ready for the transformation. 


Poul loves having his own style, even though we may see a lot of this in the states, in Thailand this stance thing is crazy talk but Poul doesn’t let that stop him. He wants to stand out and he wants to be talked about. Well believe me Poul we are talking and we like what we see.

Live Happy and Stance on








Modification List:


UDS Fiber custom front bumper

UDS Fiber custom side skirts

UDS custom diffuser



D2 Racing

Swift coilovers 20k front

Mugen coilovers 22k rear

Adjustable front lower camber arms

Wheels & Tires:

SSR SP1 front 18×9 -10

SSR SP1 rear 18×10 -13





Safety 21 rollcage

OMP Steering wheel Alcantara limited edition

Works bell steering hub

Shift know acrylic

Schroth seat belts


K20a Engine

Custom Headers

J’s racing titanium pipe


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