A+ Material // Plowy’s e90 BMW


When asked what it was that set him apart, Plowy Wesley replied “I’m not different; I’m just a guy who loves cars like everybody… so i wanted to have something that’s unique.” I would say he has just that; something unique. Plowy has managed to combine the classic and notable performance of the Bavarian Motor Works legacy, and the stunning new-era styling that many have come to love. He has just the right amount of good to his evil; his perfect mixture of arrogance, and the means to back it all up.

Photos by: Bram Sercu & Words by: Paul Garno



Who said carbon fiber was dead? Because the way that paint hits the front splitters is just drop dead gorgeous. Real talk, I’d have to say that the color (Atacama yellow) is like nothing I’ve seen before. I honestly wish I could see more cars done like this, so structured and refined. The caliber of this build is strictly A+ material, hands down the best BMW I have seen to date. This car makes me want a four door, and that’s saying a lot!



A good man and a good car can a long way, but not without someone special by his side… Plowy and his girlfriend Tessy Calberson have together built a car that is hard to un-see. They have taken the game to a new level, and I can’t wait to see what is next.








Modification List:

facelift hood
facelift mtech front bumper
carbon BMW performance facelift grills
carbon BMW performance  splitters
carbon BMW logos
mtech backbumper
carbon BMW performance diffuser
csl trunk
mtech sideskirt
full respray in atacama yellow

full red backlights (custom made)
depo headlights (angel eyes)
blackline side blinkers

BMW performance seats by recaro
BMW performance handbrake
BMW performance shortshift
piano black interior trims
black headliner

airride install with hard lines
accuair exo mounts,
accuair vu4 manifold
2 viair 400cc compressors

vossen wheels CVT
8,5j with 215/35/19
10J with 235/35/19
BY prestige auto couture

Suspension :
accuair e-level
accuair i-level
accuair vu4 manifold
accuair exo mounts
accuair 5gallong tank
2x viair 400cc compressors
D2 camber plates

BMW performance 335 intercooler
straight pipe exhaust to 335 look
bmc airfilter
custome bht air intake

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