Subaru Suprise! // Robbie’s Sick Forester


Subaru is a well-known brand in the car industry with their boxer engine layout and their all wheel drive, but they didn’t start off as a car manufacture. It the early 1900’s their company name was different and they focused on aircrafts that were in World War II and moved to scooters, to change the name again to Fuji Heavy Industries. By the 1950’s the CEO decided that he wanted to tackle the car industry by storm so he created Subaru. Subaru is the sister company to Fuji Heavy Industries which is partnered with Toyota today.

Photos by; Kowitt Condon & Words by: Gina Calhoun


Before that Subaru was like a birthday cake. Everyone had a piece. Nissan was awarded 20% shares in Subaru, which they later sold, to General Motors. Yes, people General Motors. I bet you didn’t know that the Subaru Forester is actually the Chevy Forester in India.  Are you still with me here? OK Good! This is pretty interesting information, and people say that you can’t learn something new from reading car articles all day. Ha! We proved them wrong didn’t we? We have had enough history for this lesson so; we will get down to the important question.


If you had a choice to hook up any car in their line up what would you choose? Would it be a WRX? That is what most of us would choose. I would personally go with the BRX if I could get something new but would you think to pick the Forester? Yes, I said the Subaru Forester or as India knows it as the Chevy Forester. Hell no! No one would! Well…well….well… little grasshoppers, I would like to tell each and every one of you, bad choice my friend bad bad choice.


If you went online right now and searched for a slammed, hookup, or stanced Forester’s what do you think you would find? Maybe a little bit of goodness, a few people’s rides hooked up a bit? Well you are completely wrong! These cars have some serious potential in them and I mean some serious potential.



Well, there is the 20 year old from the state of Washington that knew exactly what he was doing when he got this car. Who is this mystery guy you ask? None other than Robbie Erickson. This mastermind has his Forester gracing the web all over the place. Every magazine wants to write about it and every car blogger wants to know about it. Hello!!! Proven evidence right here. I am all about this car. He knew exactly what you all didn’t. This car can be slammed like no other.



His passion is not how fast his car can go, it is about how low it can sit. With the straight, slick body the Forester has the look that is so sick when it is set up right.  It is not an average car that you see on the streets, at a car show, on the racetrack or anywhere for that matter. Even though you can see the greatness of his car all over the web; you will only find his and a few others out there. People are just not on it like this kid is. For the 207k sites on WRX’s there are only 87k on a Forester.


So here comes another important question, Would you want a car everyone has or have something like no other? That is why Robbie gets the respect his car deserves. He didn’t follow the crowd; there are not a thousand of them at every car show. Crap you would be lucky if there were more than a handful but, you will remember it the next day and say to your buddy, “Damn, remember that Forester, that s*** was sick.”



Robbie started in the car scene goofing around with his friends. He saw them doing some sick stuff to their rides, took interest in it and fell in love. His exact words were, ” Something about being low is just such an attraction to me”. Whoa whoa now this is an article for kids too, none of that here Robbie. Who am I kidding though, there is nothing freaking sexier than a car that is so low to the ground that it looks as though you are floating on air. 



Now do you see these wheels? I know you do, how could you not. They are Work Ryver Wheels 18×9.5. That dish, the chrome, the shine, oh god! I really don’t think I could have picked a better set up for this ride. It does sit perfectly and is all about cruisin low and slow.  The car was re sprayed the OEM Archadia Pearl Green but Robbie have them add frost blue pearl to make it like no other ride and I will be damned if he didn’t do that perfect too. He added all STI body parts, which include the fenders, lip and rear kit. The BC coil overs are what make this tuck so clean, and the 04 WRX front seats swap that makes the interior look as fresh as the outside.


Robbie has gone against what everyone else would do and did his own thing. He didn’t care who judged him, who liked it and who didn’t. With his Forester being his daily driver he gets to see heads turn on the daily and the best part is that he made it for himself. His love for cars runs deep. Just like all of us he does what he does to have a great time, meet great people and have awesome memories to look back on. its not always about what you have, it is about the people. It is about our passion, and it is about having a good freaking time! We need to remember to start respecting what people do instead of knocking them because it is not our taste. Appreciate the time, money and the energy it took them to make their car the way it is.



Robbie, I bow down to you my friend, for being original and not giving a crap about what others think. You said it better than I could ever, life Rules! So, make sure you live it the best you can.




Shout outs: To all the homies, Superkawaii crew and Cody Bryan and Jeremy Bryan for the fast turn around on the paint work!

Modification list:

oem archadia pearl green respray but with a change. added a bunch of frost blue pearl to the base and clear with a shaved rear hatch

Jdm forester sti ii front bumper

Jdm forester sti ii side skirts

Jdm forester sti ii real lip

jdm forester grill

BC coilovers

Work Ryver wheels 18×9.5

Nardi classic woodgrain steering wheel

04 Wrx front seats

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