370 work hs-2743 (1)

Rain or shine SouthrnFresh team did it again, a well put event that shows the true passion & craftsmanship individuals have for their cars. You must be wondering why people show up to the event, well it sucks to be you because pictures don’t do any justice.

Photos by: Landon McFarland

aint hs-2721

ashton hs-2634

big wing miata hs-2683 (1)

blue tsx hs-2646 (1)

csmith hs-2601-2

dc5 rezax hs-2753 (1)

evo ssr-2774-2

fc rx7 hs-2780 (1)

frs turbo hs-2705 (1)

frs wci hs-2764-2 (1)

is300 vskf hs-2708

kayla hs-2627 (1)

ls430 hs-2659

luke hs-2617

old merc hs-2768

rb frs hs-2696 (1)

red recaro hs-2694

s14 big wing hs-2744 (1)

superstar lexus hs-2614

veloseter hs-2666 white miata ccw hs-2576

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