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Today I bring to you my fellow HappyStance Readers a super clean Infiniti G35. This car was built by Junichi Hisano, a member of the Low n Slow Crew and Staddict Car Crew. Junichi got his start about 20 years ago when he noticed people remodeling old school cars and it caught his interest and he took off from there. His style of play is all about the stance fitment and it looks amazing especially with his 11.5 inch wide Work Meister S1R’s on the car. In the next couple years Junichi says he will be going very sophisticated with his ride, so you definitely want to keep your eye out for this build in the near future.

Photos by: Hiroyuki Ozaki & Words by: Josh O’ferrall

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DSC_0170 (1) DSC_0185 (1)

Modification List:

US OEM parts: Front corner marker / Tail lamp / Battery cover / FRONT & REAR SPLASH GUARDS
US Aftermarket parts: SPC Performance Front Upper arms & Rear camber arms
Afe Takeda short ram air intake
NRG steering wheel w/ 6 whole short hub adapter & 2.5 pink quick release
Rear ZERG visor
Work Meister S1R wheels: 11.5j / 179mm
Federal 595EVO tires
Custom fenders and bumpers


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