There is a country out there where you can be the king of cars, the master of the auto scene and the person that everyone envies. This country is not about what kind of car you have but what you have done to it. Is your car slammed, tucked, and bagged? Do you have turbo? What kind of body kit are you sporting? If it isn’t custom your game is weak.

Photos by: Eko Nugroho & Words by: Gina Calhoun


These are all the questions that they would ask you. If you do not have a modification list that is as long as Decky’s, you are not going to make it out on the streets. It isn’t about who you know, how fast you go, or shocking to us how low you are? It is about being the King, the Big Kahuna of the street game. What country is this you ask? We are talking about none other than, Indonesia.


Yep, we did it again everyone. We are stretching all over this huge world to bring you the best of the best cars out on the roads. We want you to see what people are doing from Florida to Japan and even in Balikpapan, Indonesia. 


We met with 27 year old, Decky Rivanny from that great place to see what the heck this guy’s car is all about. As soon as I saw that I couldn’t even slide a quarter under that frontend, I just knew that this was a car I wanted to see up close and so very personal. I wanted to see what was ticking in the owner’s head when he was creating this fine beast. 


Decky gave me the inside scoop of what this 1995 5th generation Accord is all about. With his passion in the car world since 2002; he has learned the ropes and has shown it wherever he goes. When asked why he choose this generation out of all the others, it was a simple answer for Decky, “Elegancy, comes with a long wide body and a big 2200 cc.” Well said Decky, well said. With the automotive culture these days being on their game when it comes to modifications there is no slacking allowed. I can be here for days telling you what this Accord has done to it and I do mean days but you don’t have time and neither do I. The exterior mods all are custom, from the diamond white paint, to the body kit and fenders. All that custom work is not just on the outside either. Open those suicide doors and see that he has acrylic wrapping everything, and a redunkulious (my word don’t take it) amount of car auto that puts the movie theater to shame.


When we saw this Accord, we knew that something was different and unique about it. Decky wanted to make something new and completely unlike everyone else has done in his hometown. He wanted to be the King of the Streets and he did by winning King Elegant’s in three different cities. It was so amazing to drool all over Decky’s car while I could. So, please make sure that when you are viewing the pictures on the stance alone on this ride that you have a towel to catch the mess coming from you mouth.

Decky, I can see why you have been king of the cars so many times. The work you have put in this car makes us proud knowing that this Honda Accord was one of the lucky ones and got a good home.

IMG_2417 IMG_2429 IMG_4380



IMG_9501 IMG_9507


Modification List:

Paint – super white spies hecker + xyralic diamond
custom wide body
Suicide motorized doors
custom body kit
door handles from Toyota fortuner
Facelift civic headlamp Double Angel eyes Projector FD1 + HID 8000K Hurricane
Facelift Taillamp LED FD1
Fog lamp Double Projector + HID hurricane 8000K
Dual Muffler
custom fin fender
Suede brown by amara
Leather vynil black by Camaro
custom minibar
custom Plafond acrilik led
custom floor acrylic
custom Pilar acrylic
Luxury mirror DAD
Mink chain DAD
executive oval ornament DAD
Open filter by hurricane
dastek unichip type Q
motorized engine hood

HU symbion 7″
1 power Monoblock VENOM 1800D
1 power 4 chanel VENOM
2 sub 12″ v 4012 w VENOM
1 split 6″ VENOM

2 set coaxial 6″ VENOM
tweeter VENOM
2 set Capasitor bank 4 farad VENOM
2 headrest tv symbion 7″
2 mpnitor AVT 7″

8 tv 3,5 inch
monitor LG 19″


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