I have come to learn and love all cars throughout my years in this industry. I fall in love with the cars just as much as you do because I see the passion that you have for your rides when you talk about them. I see your eyes sparkle when you look at them and I see the pride you have when you lean next to them. It doesn’t matter if I am talking to someone with a stance import, lifted truck, staggered muscle car, or a stretched and lowered bike. We all have that same look of gratitude in what we have done to our rides.

Photos by: Linnea Bjorklund & Words by: Gina Calhoun


Stance is not just about how far you can have your tire stick out from your fender. It can be so many different things. Stance is what you think is the perfect fitment of your ride. It is how you want to see it sit, be it your front lip kissing the ground with your ass up in the air or coasting along the street as though you were hovering on air. Stance is the way you see your ride and how you want it to be. If you have your car the height you want it, with the perfect wheels and fit. Then that is your perfect stance.


So, when we came to Alexander Franzen, 1991 Golf MK2 we knew we had to reach out to him to see his perfect stance. As you can see the Golf is aggressive all the way around the car but it is not so bad that he can’t use it as his daily driver.

This 24 year old comes from a small town in Sweden called Kumla. Did you even know that there was a town in Sweden called that? Nope neither did I but if I told you where I lived you would say the same thing about my town. Anyway, Alexander told us that his life cannot get any better. He lives a great life with his girl, has the best of friends and loves to produce music as a DJ, play soccer and work on his ride. What better life can you ask for? His baby? Oh that is his car. Her name is Golf. Golf MK2!


Happystance wanted to sit down with Alexander the moment we saw this Golf. We wanted to see what owner keeps this 23 year old car in such prime shape. With a set of ROTA Shakotan 15’s and all around coil overs making the car tucked nicely, this a beast on the road when it is driving. From the inside to the outside and under the hood, Alexander takes car of this car. This kid is crazy making sure that it gets polished every night before its bedtime and treated with respect after. This Golf might be his every day driver but it doesn’t look like it and don’t even get him started about snow days. The Golf, has not and will not see winter because it is always wrapped nice and warm in the winters and sits in the garage. How does Alexander get to work? Who knows, I didn’t ask him that but he probably fights the storm to save the paint on his car.


Franzen, is all about the clean and well managed rides but at the same time he likes to see the people that do something that has never been done before, something that is unexpected and creative. We all look forward to what the future holds in the automotive game. That is exciting for the most part. The only problem with that is for some, they have to have that new “it” item for your cars. You finally save enough money for it and then by the time you get it and put it on your car, a new thing comes out. It is really an endless cycle so I tell people to just do what you do because you like it, not because someone else does. This is your car, your ride; make yourself obsess over it not someone else. Alexander following this to a T! He wants to feel unique with the things he does to his Jetta.


Alexander wants to thank all of his friends and family especially his girlfriend for putting up with him and his obsession. He hopes that the stance scene will stay but what he doesn’t know is that it will never go away. Alexander can make his dream car the Mazda Miata with a negative offset or a truck lifted on 24’s. It is what you want your perfect fit to be. That is Your HAPPYSTANCE!







Modification List:

G60 Enlarger around Coilovers
Angel Eyes tinted dark
All red taillights Repainted
GTI Grille
GTI Front lip
Rota Shakotan 15×9
165/50 tires
Wood grain steering wheel
GTI Seats
12′ Kenwood speakers

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