Today I bring to you my faithful Happy stance reader’s an awesome Honda owner, William Kelsey from Big Bear California. Like many of us William’s first car was a 1997 Honda civic, which you would think would be kinda strange for a guy raised around and by a family that owned muscle cars. But William said at even a young age he knew he would be going a different route than muscle cars. I believe he got this from his cousin Joe “Backyard” Schneider which owned a Honda Crx when William was younger, William thought it was one of the coolest cars ever so I definitely see where he got his love for Hondas.

Photos by: Steven High & Words by: Josh O’ferrall



Today William owns a 2009 Civic SI, which is kind of crazy to me once I tell you how he came to own this car. This was William’s third Si, sadly the first one he owned was sideswiped the very day after he purchased it. And of course as a true lover of the car William bought another Si, but then the car started to fall apart luckily the lemon law came into effect here. After two failed attempts most people would give up but not William he had to have a Si, and he did William found another Si and it was in great condition.



So of course the next step for any car enthusiast was to start the modification process. William always dreamed of a supercharger for his Si but he wanted to keep it street legal so he went with comptech the next best thing. Then it was time for some B+G coilovers. Of course after that comes wheels and I agree with what William says “wheels really make or break the look of the car and your wallet”. William like most of us Rocked Replica wheels for awhile in order to save enough money for his WORK VS Wheels. After locating a set William was off to his sponsor Falken to get some fresh rubber.



This wasn’t enough for William though so next he order Mugen Side skirts a front lip and window visors to accent the outside of the car. Boy did William make the right choice with these parts, really gives the car that extra pop to me. After some exterior goodies and performance parts like Williams skunk 2 exhaust it was time for the interior. William wanted to go sexy but simple, so he went with some one off custom painted bucket seats partnered with Corbeau Racing harnesses. To match the interior William went with a simple sound system big enough for a little bump but enough room for his golf clubs as well.


I don’t normally do this but I like and respect Williams answer to our question so much I have to show you. We asked William What makes you different from everybody else? William responded with “Nothing… I am no different than anyone else out there. I love my family, friends, and Team. I work hard everyday to be able to enjoy each day that is given to me. I respect what each person positively does for our Industry and just love to share good times, nice cars, and good laughs. I think that when it comes to building cars we put a little twist on what we build to stand out from some of the other cars, but that’s what building these is all about in showing creativity. That’s what gets me excited to build them, and gets me excited to see what everyone else is building and bringing out to the meets / shows.” I loved this answer so much it shows what a great kind hearted selfless William is and I respect that so much.



William says in 5-10 years he sees him self like every other Honda enthusiast owning his dream car the NSX. Rolling with the same crew along with family and friends, while enjoying watching what the younger age brings to the car culture. I myself can’t wait to see what new things are to come in the future of the Car community, but like William said you can most likely find us at the Beer booth a the shows.
I hope to join William at the beer booth one day and share some words with such a great guy. But for now I would definitely keep an eye out for this mans beautiful one of a kind Civic Si if you’re ever in the Orange County area.


DSC_8312 copy

I always have to shout out to my Team Backyard Designz Co. Those guys keep me whole when the going gets tough. Brandon from Autolife TV, great friend of the crew and a always progressing, gifted videographer. Rick from Garage 16, for showing love to us all the way from Canada and having faith that we will represent them well in the states. Steven from Steven High Photography for taking the time out of his days to make my car look its best from the eyes of the lens. Casey from Driven Apparel Co. for putting clothes on my back “lol” and showing us love and support, but mostly for making some cool as shirts. And ALWAYS Falken Tires, for taking care of my when I’m doing burnouts to ruin the front tires, or cambering the back.



DSC_8319 copy copy


Modification List:
2009 Honda Civic Si
Mugen sideskirts & front lip
Hfp rear lip
Garage16 tow hooks
Window Visors
Rear window diffuser
Garage 16 bumper tabs
Custom graffiti NRG buckets
Carbon shift knob
Comptech Supercharger
Skunk2 exhaust
B&G Coilovers
Skunk2 rear camber kit.
Wheels & Tires:
Work Vs-xx Wheels
wrapped in Falken Zeix

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