When I started writing this article the only thing on my mind was that I could not and would not mess this one up. It took me a few weeks to even find the right words to express the gratitude and admiration that I have for this guy and his family.

Photos by: Mauricio “Mau” Tsukuda & Nick aka The Cameron Man / Words by: Gina Calhoun


Some people were born heroes, others were made heroes but we were all brought here for one purpose in life. We hope that we all will make our mark before it is our time to go, whatever that may be. Deep stuff right? But when I spoke with this car enthusiastic I could not imagine a more perfect ride that I wanted to share with our Happystance friends. It was not only because of this sick car that should have its own feature but it was also about the man driving behind the wheel.


From the Candy white paint to the USMC Marpat Camo custom interior this guy did everything himself. I would like you to bask in this beauty. I welcome you into the 2010 Volkswagen Golf Tdi 6.


Alex Thomason does not live a normal life to most of us civilians as they call us. He wakes up and looks at his car and heads to work just like us but, while you are working at a desk or in a shop he is working on MV-22 Osprey’s. Just Google it, trust me! Alex’s is employed with the United States Marine Corps. If you cannot appreciate his car you damn sure better appreciate him risking his life to fight for your freedom.


This 6 speed, has more done to it then Michael Jordan has championship rings. He has been a car lover his whole life, that started sitting in a garage playing with matchbox cars while is dad tuned his rides. Then dragged him to every car show known to man. We all do it, with our own kids hoping they will love this world like we do.


Once he turned 16 years old he fell in love with the import world as soon as he saw Fast and Furious grace the big screen, which caused him to get a 97 Hyundai Elantra GLS. But he was all about the motor. The faster the better, until he left for boot camp and came home to a totaled car thanks to his brother! Little brothers do the darness things I tell ya. Did he get mad? No clue but he got a 2001 Volks GTI so why be mad, and his wife had a 98 Volks Bug so whatever.


Now if you do not know about the Volkswagen community, they are their own little cult, I tell you, no joke! As most of us in our little clicks they help a man out and that they did by pulling through every time when Alex needed the help. With that 2010 Tdi he has, that by the way he pre ordered before it even came out, he has this sick ride that anyone would represent on the daily. With a few tire changes he finally settled on some BB RS’s 17×9.75 all around. With a little bit of force and a good fender roll they fit perfect with his Airlift air ride suspension.


That is just a taste of what this guy has done. It is not all about the look and the stance to him. He is a gear head at heart so he had to add a performance chip as well. He stuck with the military theme with his ride so, the interior is all custom camo with non other than a grenade shift knob.


For a guy so focused on his car I know that there had to be a damn good lady by his side. And he spares nothing to tell me that he would not be here today with out his beautiful wife’s support and understanding and his son Declan for his growing enthusiasm and constant help with giving him his tools when he needs them.


Alex, I would like to be the first to thank you! You are a man that we can admire for not only your car but for your constant support and fight for our way of life. You are by far a hero and are proud to have you as one of us!. You keep doing your thing and we will be here supporting you no whatever what.



My beautiful wife, Stephanie: for her support and for always understanding. I love you.
My son, Declan: for his growing enthusiasm  and constant help with tools.
My friends and family, all that have supported and helped with the build, European Autowerks of Temecula, Revotchnik, Socal Euro, Dubnation, Mautsukuda Photography.





Modification List:

Revotechnik flash
Airlift Slam series front air bags
Airlift Performance series double bellow rear bags
airlift v2 management.
BBS RS’s 17×9.75 et +27 all around
Military Theme Desert USMC Marpat Camouflage
grenade shift knob
ghillie suit inspired cargo net
candy white painted 5 gallon air tank

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