Honda’s have been around for a while and the civic is no stranger to the people in the car world. It was popular when I was a kid, then when I was a teen and now as I am an adult. In the beginning everyone wanted a civic because they were the cheapest to buy and the easiest to hook up. Something breaks on it, don’t sweat, go to your local car shop, get the part and YouTube how to fix it. It is as simples as that, unless you need a new motor but even than there probably is a YouTube video for that.

Photos by: Steven High (ImagesbySteven) & Words by: Gina Calhoun


The point is even though these cars have been around for a long time and they are very common, people can do some crazy things to them. You have your choice from sedan, to a hatch, to a wagon. You want a box style car, Honda has it. You want a bubble look, get a 98 hatch. Honda thought of everything, every time they designed a new body style. You think these would go out of style through the generations but they don’t. They are as wanted now as they were in the early 90’s.


You can go to any car show or track and see a civic and most of the time they all look different one way or another. Unless you are rolling around looking like the Fast and Furious, all blacked out with green lights. So, I am calling all the Honda lovers in the world, we have the car for you. You name a part, it has been modified. You name a body part, it has upgraded or you name anything under the hood and it has been overhauled.


As a young whippersnapper Joe Schneider didn’t just stumble across “liking” cars, it was in his blood the moment he came into this beautiful world. With his dad as a classic car and hot rod lover, his mom as Vice President of a ton of Honda dealerships and his Uncle owning one; what did you expect from him. He was dragged to car shows week after week his whole life but it wasn’t the loud exhaust or shiny paint jobs that grabbed his attention. It was watching Speed Vision that made him see Honda’s in a whole new light.


Joe from Orange County, Cali found his talent in the world and there hasn’t been a single day that he can remember where he wasn’t in a garage working on someone’s ride. Everyone wants to be remembered for something; where he simply wants to be remembered as “THAT” car guy. The guy that gets along with everyone and will help anyone out he can.


During the day Joe has a marketing job that pays the bills but at night. Oh…. at night is when it gets crazy and his true passion comes out. He is the owner and operator of Backyard Designz Co located in an airport hanger in his backyard of course. Since this is a home-based business, he has his share of different style cars that come in and out of his shop. He lives by what he preaches because he becomes inspired by every build he does. He wants to learn about the owner; their likes and dislikes. From there he creates the build to match not only the person themselves but what they want and need.


Six years ago however, he noticed a pair of deep dishes that he thought would look amazing on a Honda, and I am not talking about pizza dishes people. What he didn’t know then was that this craze was already happening in other countries around the world, it just didn’t reach the states yet. Schneider was one of the first people in his group to really get into the stance scene. From the time he started to like stance until now there are all different set ups but, nothing calls to him more than a solid stance with a beefy track set up. That is why he picked some 16×7 Works Cr Kai rims to sit on this lemon drop. Yep that is the name I call it.


I would love to start naming what this Honda hatch has done to it but you would be reading this all day. As I stated before there is not a part on this car that hasn’t been touched with Joe’s magic. The exterior of the car has a custom yellow daisy paint sprayed on it, with carbon fiber pieces making up most of the body.


Why stop there though, the interior is just as mouth watering as the outside. Joe has Sparco seats that hug your body, a quick release and a system for days. For goodness sake his nitrous tank is custom painted too. Also I would not even mess with this guy and his motor: Kidd Racing headers, Supertech retainers, port and polished, and stage 2 clutch are just a few things that will make your eyes roll back and give you that tingling feeling all over.


For some of you Honda’s might not be your cup of tea and that is al right, but you cannot tell me that by looking at this you don’t feel warm inside. Honda’s have been around for a while and I do not see them going anywhere, anytime soon. Joe, I pray that your wife is as big as a car enthusiast as you because just by looking at this I can only imagine the amount of time you put into this.



If you want to check out what is going on with Joe, visit the website below, reach out to him and see all of the creations he did.

Facebook: / Instagram: backyarddesignzco


Modification List:

Custom daisy yellow paint
Carbon Zeal Wing
Mugen style carbon fiber front lip
Carbon Air Brake Ducts
CTR rear lip Benen Rear tow hook.
Spoon style carbon fiber mirrors
4 door Ek grill
Rear Fog light
Password Jdm Side Markers
PCI Sideskirts
Custom rear diffuser
Garage 16 Quick Release Bumper Kit
JDM Window Visors
Custom Window Duct
GPR tow strap
Skunk 2 Pro Series front camber kit
Skunk 2 rear camber kit
Skunk 2 Pro S2 coilovers
Skunk 2 Rear LCA’s
Skunk 2 Rear LCA
dress up hardware
Garage 16 rear Lower arm Bar
White Brothers sway bar
White Brothers subframe
Blox Endlinks
Sparco bucket Seat
Corbeau 4 point Harnesses
Miracle X bar
Sparco Steering wheel
Sparco quick release
Password JDM shift knob
K Tuned Short Shifter
Sony TV head unit and speakers
AEM Gauges
Custom Painted Nitrous Express Tank
D16y8 Mild port & polish
OBX Individual throttle bodies
Kidd Racing header
Supertech valve springs
Supertech retainers
Skunk 2 tuner camshaft
Skunk 2 Pro series cam gear
Skunk 2 high compression valves
Skunk 2 oil cap
Skunk 2 VTEC solenoid cover
Skunk 2 radiator cap
Rywire harness
Golden Eagle distribution block
Skunk 2 radiator hoses
Mishimoto radiator
Act stage 2 clutch
Innovative motor mounts
Rc Injectors
Hondata S300
Shaved & tucked engine bay
Downstar/Bolt Boys Hardware
Downstar/Bolt Boys clutch line
Garage 16 Dress up hardware
50 shot of Nitrous Express
16×7 Works Cr Kai
Falken Azenis 215/45/16

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