Hello all you Happy Stance minion’s, we are back and bringing you another kick ass ride from of course, of course, Japan! Where the cars drive as fast as they want, right wheel drive is common and the originators of stance live. We write about cars in Japan all the time and we never see anything that is the same as the other, for this we thank you. I also think we can all agree that there are some sick cars that are made in Japan as well.

Photos by: Clutch Shutter & Words by: Gina Calhoun



What surprises me as funny; is the little add on’s that they do to their cars, or the name changes that cause them to be completely different in the states. i.e. Acura TSX and the Accord Euro R. Hello! Same car different name! We can all admit that the cars made in Japan are a lot better than those made in the US. If you don’t believe me check out all the articles on it. At one point the CEO of Toyota even admitted it in a press conference. Either way, it is amazing how one area can have so much love and devotion to for the car industry.


When we spoke with 20-year-old Fujii Yoshinari, we realized that this kid has something serious on the roads that we had to get our grubby hands on. During the day Fujii is making motors for Prius’s and at night he is either playing some basketball, working on his car, or cleaning it. Ahhh… the peace and relaxation we all get from this. It’s weird we can all agree but it is oh so nice.


With an Accord euro-R 6-speed JP ride sitting in his driveway, we knew we had to get our hands on this fine piece of machinery. We liked the approach that Yoshinari went for with his Accord. Unlike most people that live by the phrase of “Go big or go home.” He focused on the small details. Now that is what I am talking about.


With the help from team staddict_c_c, this Accord has been in the “remodeling” stage for a bit, due to those small details. He wanted to make sure that everything from the color of the car to the front knuckle process all fit together like a perfect glove. The fit of air suspension and the Work S1R rims make it sit at that low and slow height we all love. And with all the fine details that people can see up close and personal we had to pick Fujii for this week’s feature.


Yoshinari, I tip my hat to you brother, you went with the balance and a combination of different elements in the car to focus on the small things that make the biggest impact. It is an art to be able to do that right and you nailed it. Happy Stance would like to thank you and all of our loyal readers in Japan for bringing us some of the dopest rides we have ever seen, keep of the good work and we will keep writing.










Modification List:

Fresh new paint job
Ideal air suspension
5 panel wink mirror
S1R Work wheels 18×10.5jj.-1
Processed front knuckles
Reinforced clutch
Nakang tires 225/35r 18″


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