Once again we are back to bring you the best cars around the world and when I mean around the world we do not spare any expense to go to Japan, Russia, US and even places you have never heard of before. Learning about all of the different styles and automotive cultures in the world is one of the best parts of this job especially seeing something like the fine piece of machinery that I am writing about now.

Photos by: Rock Photograph & Words by: Gina Calhoun


It comes time again where we tap into the automotive scene in Japan. God, I love that country and everything on the roads there. As they call it the car circuit! I will not repeat myself again but there is something to say about a place that has the most kick ass cars around. Crap, people smuggle cars in from there all day long. I personally do not know anyone so don’t get any ideas about contacting me but, I do know people that know people. (wink wink) you know how that goes.


When we met Hisanobu Satou from Ichihara Shi Chiba Japan we had to find out about his ride. Some of us know it as the Nissan 350Z but they only know it as the Fairlady Z Z33. As a normal 24 year old, he loves cars, bikes and does photography with probably the cars and bikes as his muse. When he is not doing that he is hanging out with his team Dropper doing what we all do best. Work on our rides. Hisanobu thought when he bought this mad piece of car glory was to make it simple and clean. I don’t see it…. Do you? I mean clean, Hell ya but simple. This car is anything but simple.


With a ton of US automotive parts on this car he needs to have a sponsorship. From the interior to the exterior, the motor and everything else he has perfected the look he is going for. He has so much stuff on this car but you really would never know unless you looked. Defining the perfect Simple & Clean look. Take some tips from this one everyone, he has perfected it.


I can not tell you how much I can say about this car and every other car that we work with. The passion and the love that I see that drivers have for their cars always amazes me and that is why I love this culture so much. Hisanobu is just one of many examples that we have the pleasure of meeting and everyone at Happystance would like to thank you Mr. Hisanobu for making our job the easiest one around. Keep doing your thing and we will keep watching.














Modification List:

Saclam silencer kit
Mine’s ecu
Orc metal twin plate clutch
XYZ coilover Kit (R:14K) 326power coilspring (F:40k )
Cusco front upperarms
Wheels & tires:
WORK Durandal DD5.2 19inch
Front : 10J -16 Rear : 11J-19
Nankang NS-2 Front : 245/30/19 Rear : 265/30/19
BRIDE EXAS3 & DIGO Type-R seats
Worksbell RapfixⅡ
Kicker Solobalic
US option roommirror
US A/C dial
Nismo ver.1 bumper
Number pocket & Line smoothing
US reflector
US mirror
US outside headlights
Top secret rear under diffuser
US fender
Outside side cover
carbon handle cover
carbon roof spoiler