There are things to be said about people in the car culture. What one likes others question. What one does others think it is crazy but it is the person that makes the machine. It is the person that drives the culture in all different avenues and places around the world.

Photos by: Rock Photograph & Words by: Gina Calhoun


When finding our readers and meeting the people that own these cars it always amazes me about their thoughts when it comes to putting a car together. Most say they want to be different and stand out while others just do what they do because that is what is in at the moment.


That is why all of these manufactures stay in busy all the time. Wheels change everyday, fitment changes, and body styles change. It is an amazing world to be in and is also a very expensive one. The Honda Odyssey is a car that you do not see at many shows you go to. They are actually a unicorn in the lost land of the import world but when we laid our eyes on this beast we had to know more.


Masahiko Sagawa saw that the same thing. Living in the import culture of the world he wanted to bring Japan something that was out of the box. He wanted to bring something new to the atmosphere and he did it right. It was not an easy effort to do though. You can find parts for Civics, Mazda’s and Accords all day long but how many can you actually find for an odyssey when you walk into a car shop?


With the body a solid white, and fully custom body parts this odyssey doesn’t have to scream for the attention it gets. It just gets it. From the window tint, to the black coating in the doors and the truck Masahiko did not miss a fender, bolt or strut with this set up. With his 19inch wheels it puts the finishing touches on this car to make the look complete.


Masahiko is just one or the many people that we admire for the way he thinks out of the box, does the complete opposite of everyone around him and kills it. Being a man that is proud of this he praises himself for what he has done and what he has accomplished with his treasure. And Mashahiko, we cannot agree with you more.






Masahiko Sagawa | 2007 Honda Odyssey

Modification List:

Fender and iron plate weld blister fender (F: 3cm R: 4cm)
Front Y51 fugue type s Nico Ichi
Rear NOBURESSETAIPU PS (fully custom)
Hood bamboo rose Carbon bonnet
Fuel tank cap and finger account processing
Roof and 3M  Wrapping film (white carbon )
Tail full LED
Pure plating hairline processing of parts
Z34 background fog
Clear glass for first term type S
Blue window tint
The vehicle height style and V – VISION
Front upper arm reduction
Rear Cusco
Wheels & Tires:
Work VS-XX wheels
Front 10J+9 / Rear 12J-9
Front  FEDERAL 215/35/19
Rear  Hankook 275/30/19
Brake System:
Front 6POT 355 rotor
Rear 4POT 355 rotor
Drilled or slit processing
The gold Alumite specification