In 1992 the Evo was born when Mitsubishi decided to enter the rally world and create their brands flagship sports car. Inspired by rally world this all wheel drive, turbocharged fine piece of metal is one of the most wanted import cars on the scene.

Photos by: Yuuki Kouno (Rock Photograph) & Words by: Gina Calhoun


When you think of the Evo you think of horsepower and how fast it is in the quarter mile but when Shinkawa Koki thinks of an Evo one thing comes to mind and that is the stance. Different right? That is what we think to see here at Happystance. To take something that is known for one thing and make it your own.


Shinkawa wanted to be different and other than any other Evo out there. He wanted to take this race car and turn it into the lowest car that is known in the Evo world. He wanted to make this car stand out amongst the rest. With the +20 magic stance with +40 front spacers and +20 rear spacers we see why it is does just that. This thing so everyones perfect stance.


Stance is something different to everyone. It can be a lifted truck, a hydro impala or even a race car that is slammed on its nuts and bolts. It is the way that you want your perfect fitment to be and as we all can see Shinkawa is about the low and slow cruise.


Shinkawa wanted the main focus of the Evo to be the look and less about the speed. He wanted to turn heads for the chamber on it not how many seconds it runs on the streets in Japan. When Shinkawa is not working on the stance of this Evo he is slamming on his drum kit and making so kick ass music. Either way we here at Happystance are extremely impressed by the way he looks at things. We admire the difference he has made in the Evo community. Shinkawa, keep doing your thing and we can’t wait for you to be the slowest Evo in the world. We are rooting for you bro.









GReddy Performance damper S
326power chara bane F 32k R 28k
wheels stance magic 9.5j+20
F spacer+40 R spacer+20
Megan racing Lower arm
Megan racing Toe control arm
Interior panel cs2a
evo7GSR normal Bucket seats
Evo7GSR normal bonnet
Evo9 rear bumper
CS2a normal trunk
CS2a roof  visor
Voltex Generator
Evo7GSR Genuine tail lamps