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Well hello all you Happy Stancers! It is that time again where we bring you the best of the best rides around the world. This stop was not as far away as usual. We raced down the streets of New York to find this ride right in the Bronx, Home of the Yankees.

Photos by: Randy Henry (Godspeedtuners) & Words by: Gina Calhoun

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Billy has only been in the car scene for a little over a year but has made some heads turn as he drives around town. Writing many of these articles over the years, I noticed the number one goal for everyone is to have a car like no one else. To have a car stand out is a pretty hard accomplishment but here at Happystance we find you. We always do and we bring the cream of the crop from our crew to yours. These cars are meant to inspire others and help you think outside of the box. Which they do a damn good job if I do say so myself.

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But, as a 29 year old that works his ass off at a Honda dealership for over five years, it made us question how in the world did he just get into the car scene now? That question still is baffling to me but either way Billy is here now and he has become a living, breathing example of what a true car enthusiast is and we welcome him with warm and open arms.

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Who says that you have to be in the game for a long time to know what the true meaning of being a gear head is? All it takes is the research, passion, enthusiasm and don’t forget about the money. His “baby” as he calls her is a 2012 BMW 535 X-drive and he originally got her to have a car that was, “fit for a king.” as he put it. At the time the car was black on black but the beast that he drives around now wasn’t even a twinkle in his eye at the time. All he wanted to do was get some rims and call it a day.

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With his friends already heavy into the game the 3 piece custom 21 inch rims turned into suspension, which turned into a front lip, then a rear diffuser, and so on. But you think that he would stop there. Hell no! He did his research and found a JB4 piggy pack system, which turned the car into a bigger beast than what it already was.

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He couldn’t just have the piggy back system could he? Oh no, no, no. He went for exhaust, down pipe, intercooler and an E85 upgrade with a fuel pump. Yet again he thought he was done until the day he was introduced to the air ride suspension. Hello hello my little friend but at that time he could not get one for his car. Billy was even willing to find someone to custom fabricate a system for him just so he can have it. There was no hope though; he could not find his fairy godfather anywhere. Until that magical day when he meant Ismael from Elite Autoworks and guess what friends with in a short but long 8-month wait he had his perfect fitment and stance.

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There is just way to many things to even come close to naming in this car. You think his interior is stock, well you better think again. This kid has a full custom Ferrari interior. WHAT!!!! Again we find originality and people that change the game and Billy is doing it and he is doing it big.

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Billy has a great job, which he loves, a huge family that supports him and a beautiful little girl that he lives and breathes for. I would say this kid has it all. But if you know him you will know that he is not done. For goodness sake, look what he has done in only 12 short months. Most of us have been in this scene for decades and still have no accomplished what he has. The lesson of this story ladies and gents. Never judge a book by its cover. They will surprise you.

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Looking at Billy’s ride and the passion that he has for this industry you would think he is a veteran of this world but you are now surprised aren’t you. We sure as hell where. Keep doing your thing Billy you are a true example of what this obsession is about.

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