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There is a magical place in the United States made up on the most popular beaches, hottest women, and the most diverse and exclusive car scene you have ever seen. Can you guess where I am talking about? No clue… Well, Florida is where you want to be and I guarantee you that when you go there at any time, on any weekend you will be in the center of a car show, car meet or even some races.

(Photos by: StancedShots & Words by: Gina Calhoun)

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I personally am lucky enough to live in the sunshine state and I embrace the car culture everyday. Finding a true Floridian is harder than you think though. It is like finding a right wheel-drive Silvia in a junkyard for a thousand dollars. Yes, it is that uncommon. No one in this state is from here and that is what makes the cars here more unique then any other place in the world. People are bringing their ideas, and traditions from their hometowns of California, New York, Chi Town, Boston, and every other state to one single location. Yes, the car shows are that sick in the Southern state.

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And Long Island, New Yorker now converted to a Floridian; Daniel Lerro is a living-breathing example of this. The 27 year old went from owning a euro car to American muscle to even a Japanese car. He has put his share of different cultures and ideas on each and every one of them.

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From a 2004 20th Anniversary GTI to 2003 Ford Lightning and now the beast he is cruising in now. You see what I am talking about, he even had a motorcycle in between all of that but when he got himself into an accident he knew he had to go back to a car. Daniel swore however that he would never go back to the car scene, but as well all know that doesn’t last long. I mean come on! Who says things like that? That is just unheard of.

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When Daniel purchased his brand new Lexus is350 with only 10 miles on her tach he quickly fell back into the scene when he started seeing Lexus’s modded out. What he really meant to say was the Lexus’s he saw modded out online when he was looking for car parts. That darn Google sucks you in every time. We all do it so there is no shame in it. It is an addiction; the first step to a road of recovery is admitting it.

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With Daniel being in the car scene for over 12 years he is what we call a young veteran. He has seen the good the bad, the ugly and he has stuck through it all. What he would like to see however is the old enthusiasts in the game try and show the youngsters what this world is all about. It is not about the crew you are in, the drama, fights, or petty differences; it is about the car culture. Respect others rides as you do your own. It might not be your cup of tea but appreciate the time, effort and money that a person took into their rides because they do with yours.

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Everything on this Lexus is custom. From the conversion, rear diffuser, wald spoiler, emblems, and that two toned black leather and suede peanut butter interior. You don’t know anything about that peanut butter suede until you see it in person. Damn that shit is clean. She might be fine on the outside but with all the performance and suspension modifications it is a beast and looks like it hovers on the road. But you should feel lucky if you catch sight of Daniel and his beauty because even though he has owned her for over 2 years, he has only 9k miles on it. He babies her like no one can believe and he has plans for the Lexus in the future.

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With changing things up now and then to make it fresh is common for him but he will be putting a 2Jz engine swap in it with a wide body build. He has considered to even pick up an older car to start a new project but he is still working on that.

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Daniel is what we can a true Florida boy. He has come to the south to spread his love and rep his hometown of Long Island for everyone to see. Lesson learned… Florida is not at all what you think; we are not just about beaches and parties. We also have the hottest and most original rides you have ever seen. Again, Daniel is a living-breathing example of this and we tip our hats to you my friend. You represent the scene proud and we thank you for knowing the true meaning of what the car culture is about.

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(Daniel’s own words): Firstly I would like to thank HAPPY STANCE for this awesome opportunity. Secondly all of the sponsorships I have received over the past two years > VIP Modular Wheels, D2Racing USA, Accuair, FigsEngineering & Custom Sound Solutions. Lastly to all my crews Offensive Fitment, Royal Stance, United States of Stance, StaynMoist, & Trendsetterz Crew.