I bring you guys our good friend Jorge Camacho, and his panda style 2006 Infiniti G35. Jorge is like any other car enthusiast working hard for what he loves, on a typical weekend you can find him in the garage with friends working on their cars or on the internet buying more parts. But Jorge didn’t get his start with his beautiful Panda Style G35.

Photos by: Carlos Alvarez & Josh O’ferrall


Jorge started out with his slammed 2000 Honda Civic. But one day in 2008 in all changed for him, he had been driving down the freeway when a black G35 flew by him. The way he explains how he immediately fell in love with the look of the car and the tone from the exhaust. This too me really shows a great car enthusiast he fell in love with the car that day. Jorge knew he needed a G35 in his life, so he went straight home and posted his Civic for sale.



Luckily for Jorge his civic sold rather quickly and for the price he wanted. He had the Green light and went on the hunt for a G35. After a little while of searching Jorge finally found one and had to travel a little but it didn’t matter he had to have it. This is when Jorge began to think of the route he wanted to take his new car. He wanted to do his own thing he knew everyone was going wide body or flares, but didn’t want to jump on the band wagon. So he decided to go with what he knew and slammed his G35, on a beautiful set of Work Meisters. With the help of amazing Stance true Coil overs. In my opinion work Meisters are some of the best wheels to put on the G35 it gives it an out of this world look so stunning.


Jorge didn’t stop there he knew he wanted to do this Panda Style look, so he began to order Carbon fiber. To give the car the look he
really wanted he started with the Hood and Trunk giving it the iconic Panda Bear look. Now it was time for that tone of the exhaust to get amped up a little. After searching for the right exhaust components and sound testing Jorge found the exhaust setup that he fell in love with. We all know that feeling almost like butterflies in your stomach or like your heart stops, for me it the sounds of a supra at high boost. Jorge found this feeling with the help of some Motordyne Test Pipes and an HKS High Power Exhaust system. And we all know how amazing these HKS systems make cars sound.



Jorge is a true car lover, its in his blood he could never own an unmodified car. One day he hopes to help his son build a car and cruise along side of him. So it’s safe to say we can’t wait to see what him and his son imagine up. I know I’ll be following Jorge’s build from here on I can’t wait to see what’s next. So far I’ve heard he has air suspension in the works, along with a supercharger for the big things. But he still want to add some more carbon fiber and polished engine bay parts.



The most enjoyable thing I got to experience about Jorge and his build is how humble he came across. He never once came off cocky or arrogate, he reiterated “Im just any other normal person” to me. And I respect this 100% that’s what I love to see in the car community today real gives a build that extra bang if the builder is true to himself.






(Jorge’s own words): I want to give shout outs to the paint shop that made this happen C&J body shop, Out Cast Garage, R1 concepts &Wheel Flip.


Modification list:

Nismo front bumper
Charge speed rear bumper w/ CF diffuser
CF air ducts
CF splitter
Cf rear window visor
Cf hood
Cf trunk
Cf engine cover
onic eye lids
Motordyne test pipes
Motordyne 5/16 spacer
Mrev 2
Full HKS high power exhaust
Stance true coilovers
Polished plenum
Polished strut bar
Polished oil catch can
Sitting on 19×10.5 front and 19x 12 Real work Meisters 3pc wheels
Continental tires