Being a car enthusiast of all different styles I have learned to appreciate the time and originality that people put in their rides. I cannot say the same for others in the community but I promise the older you get the more you will come to understand what I am talking about.

Photos by: Javier Vermaas & Words by: Gina Calhoun


Some people have in their minds what they want their rides to be the moment they purchase their car. Others go online for inspiration and some have “car mentors” and tend to follow what they do and seek their advance. Anyway, you create your beast is fine as long as you get it to where YOU want it to be. Speaking with Javier from Aruba I knew his number one focus was a clean stanced car. His love of aviation can come in handy when making car not only with his creativity but also with a nice paycheck being a private pilot.


I have some special love going out to Javier for his 2003 Infiniti G35 Coupe because it was not that long ago that I had one myself but, it is up in car heaven now because to suburban’s wanted to make it the tuna in between the sandwich.

Back to the Javier’s ride. When he bought the G35 back in 2011 lets just say that it was not of his taste. The Tein lowering springs and some 20” Ruff racing wheels where just not his cup of tea. This was not HIS creation and he wanted to make it his own like all of us. So the first thing he decided to do was pretty much buy everything with the Megan name on it and put it on the ride. From the camber arms, radius arms and front upper control arms was  all Megan. Next came a little more of pinching pennies and getting coil overs named Megan and some OEM projector headlights.


It wasn’t until he started following Luis Vivas, founder on CamberGang on Instagram that he finally got inspired as to what wheels he wanted. Apparently Mr. Vivas likes selling his wheels a lot and changing this up because Javier found the Work Rezax for sale but at the time could not afford them. Ah….. the story of our lives. Then to come and buy a different set off him a few months later which are the CCW LM5T. I would say things happen for a reason Javier but after he added all of the body components he realized that the rims were not BBK friendly, so he had to get yet another set of Work Meister S1R.


After putting the rims on though Javier struggled with the ride everyday being that the G was his daily so he had to save more money for the air ride it sits on now. This is what happens we all know it; first you buy a fog light, to realize that you need new headlights, then a new bumper, which leads into rims and then lowering it. It is a cycle that never ends. Once you are done with it, you will then get bored, by something else or start all over on the car you have. Start adding up the money you have spent in your rides.


This is just the outside that I am talking about. I didn’t even attempt to touch on the interior, which has a JDM double din dash kit, Stillen short shifter, and a sound system. With so many things done to this car, he still kept his word and makes it look simple and clean and that is what we like most about this car. That is what we like about the G35’s. You can make this car pretty much into anything you want, sporty, luxury, clean, slammed, stanced, ANYTHING.


With all of this done we asked Javier what his plans were in the future and right now he is training to be a commercial pilot. He wants to own a 370z or Nissan GTR while still keeping the G35 of course. I don’t know about all of you but Javier you would be a kick ass pilot, maybe one day you will have your own plane and be the first to put some rims on it. Ha Ha. Keep doing your thing because you are doing it right and we thank you for letting us share your beauty with the world and make sure you hit us up when you do something else because we know you will.






Shoutouts: Outcast Garage, Viet Dang (Leveled Designs), Airforce Suspension, Accuair, Bag Riders, Futura Design Brakes, and Happy Stance for making this feature possible!!



AirForce Suspension strut/bags with AccuAir e-Level Management.

Megan Racing camber arms.

Megan Racing radius arms.

Megan Racing front UCA’s.


Borla true-dual Catback Exhaust.

Motordyne 5/16” Iso Thermal Plenum Spacer.

Injen Cold air intake.

JDM battery cover (painted Starfire Pearl White)


Starfire pearl white paint with jet black painted roof.

Nismo Polyurethane front bumper.

Impul Polyurethane side skirts.

Nismo style rear diffuser.

06-07 Projector headlights


JDM Double din dash kit

Pioneer dvd/radio.

Tommy Kaira shift knob.

Stillen short shifter.

Wheels & Brakes:

Work Meister S1R

Front: 19×10 (Negative Offsets)

Rear: 19×11 (Negative Offsets)

Futura Big Brake Kit:

Front: 6 piston kit w/ 356mm rotors.

Rear: 4 piston kit w/ 330mm rotors.