Once again we are back to bring you the best cars around the world and when I mean around the world we do not spare any expense to go to Japan, Russia, US and even places you have never heard of before. Learning about all of the different styles and automotive cultures in the world is one of the best parts of this job especially seeing something like the fine piece of machinery that I am writing about now. Continue reading



Some car enthusiasts are born to love cars and others get sucked into this black hole later in life. There is no right or wrong time; there is no penalty the newbies receive because they have not been in the game as long as others. We live and breathe our cars and honestly even though I was born into a car lovers home I really admire the newbies. The usually enter into this crazy, obsessive lifestyle in after high school, they don’t know a darn thing about cars except for maybe they look “pretty” but they overcome that challenge. They want to have that car everyone looks at and they want to know everything that we known our whole lives.  Continue reading

On the spotlight // Yuki Hamamoto’s FairLady Z


Just because we come from a place where there’s different style of movements doesn’t mean we have to be part of them. Being from Japan, Yuki is exposed to the Spaceship style, demon cambered or even the drifting spectrum. But Yuki prefers simplicity, where the body lines, the wheels and the dropped suspension says everything about the ride. To be honest I love it, sometimes being simple minded is better. Right on Yuki, great job. Continue reading

Low & Wide // Erick’s 350z

There’s always a good thing when your not living in a 4 season thru the year area, you can always stay fresh in a full season of warm weather like Florida. I can imaging riding around swarmed by a beautiful sun beaming on the body of Erick’s 350Z. Just looking at the body lines with the set of fresh wheels sitting right, yes it is a definitely neck breaker. Continue reading