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There is a magical place in the United States made up on the most popular beaches, hottest women, and the most diverse and exclusive car scene you have ever seen. Can you guess where I am talking about? No clue… Well, Florida is where you want to be and I guarantee you that when you go there at any time, on any weekend you will be in the center of a car show, car meet or even some races. Continue reading

A+ Material // Plowy’s e90 BMW


When asked what it was that set him apart, Plowy Wesley replied “I’m not different; I’m just a guy who loves cars like everybody… so i wanted to have something that’s unique.” I would say he has just that; something unique. Plowy has managed to combine the classic and notable performance of the Bavarian Motor Works legacy, and the stunning new-era styling that many have come to love. He has just the right amount of good to his evil; his perfect mixture of arrogance, and the means to back it all up. Continue reading