HSPhotoshoot (1 of 7)

Well hello all you Happy Stancers! It is that time again where we bring you the best of the best rides around the world. This stop was not as far away as usual. We raced down the streets of New York to find this ride right in the Bronx, Home of the Yankees. Continue reading

The uK Reppin’ // Hannah’s Corsa

When we first saw this Corsa we thought it was the model Yaris of Toyota. We notice that we were browsing on a Uk blog, we at H:S when we see a ride thats fresh & unique we go for it. So we decided to start looking for the owner and sooner or later we got an email from the owner. Starting chatting and to find out it was the Corsa that is based model from the European market. So the question was asked can we do a feature on it and the owner said, i would love to do it. And then the process begun from there: Continue reading