DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER // Blake Kaufman’s s2000


I’m not the biggest Honda fan in the works, I do like honda’s and boy do I have a soft spot for the S2000. Something about the way the body flows from the back to the front. And then you add coilovers and wheels in the mix and the car just transforms. To me there is nothing like a slammed hard top s2000, they just stand out and break my neck everytime. Continue reading

Just Right // Matt’s VW MK2 Coupe


This car had come from a line of people, some of which were mechanics and some who probably thought they were; and we all know how that goes. Lucky for owner Matt Wilson he picked up his MKII Jetta Coupe at a great price and with only a few electrical issues. Continue reading

You Fancy HuH? // Tyler Grimes’s 350z


When i see a Nissan 350z not going to lie it breaks my neck. When i was younger i thought it was just a fancy car, I didn’t think you could do anything else to make them look better than they already did. But I have been proven wrong by Tyler Grimes.
Continue reading

Roxy Girl! // Chris Guerci’s 2011 WRX Limited


When you first think of a Subaru you probably remember watching them on TV and in races off road. They have come a long way since they came out over 12 years ago.  The WRX is one of the most popular cars in the imports scene since they came out and they are not getting any less wanted. But it was in 2011 and on their 3rd generation that they decided to give the WRX a facelift with the STI. This car screams power, speed and an all around badass appearance. There is nothing on this car that would not make you look twice when you see one and it only makes sense that people pick this as their choice for a ride to hook up. Continue reading