Dare To be Unique // Willie Brillo’s XB


When you think of a Scion what is your first thought? You know what mine are? That damn bell. If you have no idea what I am talking about let me bring your to the light When you get the keys to your brand new scion you have to walk over to a big loud bell and ring it. It doesn’t sound that bad until everyone in the showroom is yelling, cheering and staring at you. It was all just a weird experience if you ask me but it works for them. Continue reading

Dubbing it out! // Jeffery’s 58′ VW Bug


The addiction of cars is something all of us have. It is something others might not understand and we can never really explain. This happened recently to all of us with the tragic lose of Paul Walker. I don’t know if it was just me but I had so many people want to know why I was upset over someone I didn’t know personally and I realized no matter how much I tried to explain it. They would never get it. He was not just an actor in a movie; he was an icon to all of us. He was a beast on the screen and he brought that talent for the love of cars off of it too. Continue reading

Eastern Innovations // Tim’s Bagged Wrx


The past few issues we have brought you a lot of content from various countries, particularly in Europe. Although it’s always fun to cover whats going on in the other parts of the world, it’s nice to sometimes hit somewhere closer to home. With this issue we’d like to bring something a little different to the table. This is not the typical car feature. Although the Subaru you see before you is stunningly  beautiful, with a list of modifications that appeal to about anyone, I’d first like to go more into the man behind the car. Continue reading

Grocery Getter // Kevin’s Audi A4 Avant

This car is insane. Just by seeing pictures that I get to do write ups for cars in Belgium makes me want to travel there to see what the car scene has in store! The Happy Stance photographer based in Belgium is always sending in some awesome shots of some sweet whips! Today, he sent in a bagged VIP grocery getter, and Audi A4 Avant. Continue reading

Flossin’ // Yusisa’s Sir Cd6

Everybody knows already how happy i get when i see a stanced out ride, Especially when it has a killer color combo to it. The guys over in Japan definitely bring alot to the table where to many they brought out the passion of the stance fitment culture that we love today. Continue reading

Baggin’ Just Right // Vin’s 2012 Jetta GLI

We all have our opinion about coilovers vs. air ride segment, some opinion that when you put in air ride systems on you ride that your automatically a cheater or have to be Rich. Thats not all true, we all have our own ways of doing things its all in a what you prefer. You have to remember whatever you do on your ride even in life, everything has their pro’s & con’s its all in the risk you take. Continue reading