I bring you guys an amazing Audi A5 today all the way from Belgium, The owner David has really out done himself with this A5 with a S5 Pakket added to it. The beauty of this car is just breath taking, the flow of the Body lines are flawless. It’s also equipped with G.A.S Airide system that’s tucking  the beautiful 19×9.5 and 19×10 inch Concept Wheels. The RS5 blue on these cars is to die for along with the complete white interior which really sets this car off. This is by far one of my most desired Audi’s it is simply gorgeous. Continue reading

A+ Material // Plowy’s e90 BMW


When asked what it was that set him apart, Plowy Wesley replied “I’m not different; I’m just a guy who loves cars like everybody… so i wanted to have something that’s unique.” I would say he has just that; something unique. Plowy has managed to combine the classic and notable performance of the Bavarian Motor Works legacy, and the stunning new-era styling that many have come to love. He has just the right amount of good to his evil; his perfect mixture of arrogance, and the means to back it all up. Continue reading

Dubbing it out! // Jeffery’s 58′ VW Bug


The addiction of cars is something all of us have. It is something others might not understand and we can never really explain. This happened recently to all of us with the tragic lose of Paul Walker. I don’t know if it was just me but I had so many people want to know why I was upset over someone I didn’t know personally and I realized no matter how much I tried to explain it. They would never get it. He was not just an actor in a movie; he was an icon to all of us. He was a beast on the screen and he brought that talent for the love of cars off of it too. Continue reading