Backyard Designz Co. // Division of Backyard Concepts


When I first started talking with Joe at Backyard Designz to be honest I was a little skeptical. Not with the man himself or his work because I had already seen quite a bit of it, but more at the task of being able to accurately describe the work he’s capable of doing. Joe is no novice to the car community or a wrench either. Continue reading

Changing the Game // Part.2 // Reg’s Pr5


Roll out the welcome mat for the second feature on one of California’s leaders of the Mazda movement. We last left off in mid-May with Reg eager to build upon his already beautiful PR5 wagon. Reg is no rookie, making a car like this takes more than money, the know-how, and an idea. Continue reading

Get Inspired // Jowell’s 2004 Accord

If you’re active within the car scene you will notice that more and more Honda Accords have been appearing local meets and events. 7th Generation accords especially, have been coming out of the woodwork lately. We doubt that you will find a cleaner Accord than Jowell Marcelo’s 2004 sedan. Continue reading

Wuste 2013 // Photo Coverage.

Wuste is not a car show, it is an experience. Picture rolling into six-story parking garage filled with nothing but the best European cars on the west coast and even a few from other parts of the country. Now add the craziness of Las Vegas, pool parties, DJs, late nights on the parking deck, walking the strip, gambling, drinking, and thousands of like minded enthusiasts. Got it? That is Wuste. Continue reading

Stretch & Poke // Reg’s PR5 Wagon

Lately we have been looking around for the rides that are sticking out from rest. From the first time I saw the PR5 lingering around the web, never knew that we was going to have the owner on board. Waking up to the usual daily routines, going into our email account and there it was. We couldn’t believe our eyes the unusual set up that it has, we used a little bit of profanity and said “Hell yea”. Continue reading