First Class Fitment 2013 Photo Coverage Part. 2


…..This entire set-up was on point. There was good food, good DJ’s, a couple great vendors like the Flipzco team showed face, and what I was most impressed with and note as most important was the flow of foot traffic. No matter where you started from, the event was a perfectly planned route. More appropriate, an automotive posh party. As a bonus, the spectator’s parking lot (a.k.a second class fitment) had some serious cars as well. All in all it was a huge success and I look forward to seeing what next year’s show has to offer.  Continue reading

First Class Fitment 2013 Photo Coverage part 1.


The 2013 annual Canibeat First Class Fitment truly defined “quality over quantity”. There may not have been a thousand players in this game, but who showed were heavy hitters. I personally spoke with one man who had his car painted a few hours before he drove from Florida to make it in the show. That alone is worth a show spot and I’m sure he was just one of many…. (to be continued)….. Continue reading