Old School Swag // Pedro’s ’91 Civic Wagon


Since the very beginning Hondas were amongst the most popular car in the import scene. Can you guess how many were in the original Fast & Furious? Probably not because, yeah there was just that many. Civics, Preludes, Accords. 4 doors, 2 doors, and the 3 doors. (Hatches people, hatches). You can find them all over Auto trader and Craigslist and they are still going for loads of cash no matter what condition they’re in. The times they are changing though. Continue reading

Thinking Outside The Box // Carlos’s ’05’ Odyssey


One of the goals we have here at HS is to bring diversity and something new to our page with each issue. So far it seems we’ve accomplished this on a regular basis. However once again we decided to bring something completely different to the table. Something so far removed from normal margins I am actually very interested in peoples reactions to reading  this article. Continue reading