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For some you that are asking yourselves what is “HIN”? is the abbreviation for HOT IMPORT NIGHTS. HIN is the largest consumer car show in the world. Returning to the Midwest, making Minneapolis, Minnesota the destination it gave individuals all around the Midwest area and even individuals from across the Canadian border to come along and showcase their true passion for their cars. HIN has been around for many years hitting up key locations all over the country where individuals from surrounding areas can show off their creative builds. Continue reading

From Lowriders to Imports! // Chufeng’s 95′ Targa top NSX

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Look it’s a Honda. No it’s an Acura… Nope wait a minute that definitely is a Honda. Who cares what the hell it is. All we need to know that it is one clean ass mo-fo NSX! Yep, I said Mo-Fo and the moment we saw it we wanted to get our hands on this clean ride. Continue reading

Stance Dreamin’ // Hai Nguyen’s IS300

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Once upon a time long long ago, a little boy dreamed that one day if he was lucky enough he would have his very own hooked up ride. Some guys dream of girls, others dream of money but Hai Nguyen dreamed of cars. Continue reading

Boys and there Toys // Chee Lee’s E46 M3

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The passion we all have for building cars, or for cars in general, starts somewhere. And in most cases it’s a tradition that is passed down from our fathers. Like our friend Chee Lee and his e46 M3. His passion started with the love for his fathers Mitsubishi 3000gt. Chee would spend countless hours in the garage detailing and working on cars with his father, allowing him to grow closer and more passionate towards cars. Continue reading