Dare To be Unique // Willie Brillo’s XB


When you think of a Scion what is your first thought? You know what mine are? That damn bell. If you have no idea what I am talking about let me bring your to the light When you get the keys to your brand new scion you have to walk over to a big loud bell and ring it. It doesn’t sound that bad until everyone in the showroom is yelling, cheering and staring at you. It was all just a weird experience if you ask me but it works for them. Continue reading

PR Racing Expo 3rd Edition 2014 Video Coverage

Puerto Rico Racing Expo, 3rd edition.
Puerto Rico Racing Expo is the biggest Racing exhibition in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. In the exhibition there are many types of cars. You can see Drag cars, circuit cars, muscle cars, JDM cars, exotics, motorcycles and more. A one of many attractions that was there was the Fastest rotative Mazda of the world.

Video by: Bryant Vargas @ Diamond Photography & Films