Fitted Fridays // Australia’s night life: The event was called Fitted Friday II MEGA MEET & GREET. It was a social event based in Sydney, Australia at eastern creek race way, plenty of cars were on display from street driven machines to race cars. From Jdm, Usdm, euros to exotic you name it, it was there. In Australia we car enthusiasts are more on the look out for highway patrols then anything else the scene is growing huge with only a handful that would dare to run their cars at the extreme as everyone else is scared to get their vehicles defected. Continue reading

SoWo 2014 // Video Coverage

Controlled Chaos –SoWo VIII

            The eighth annual SoWo (Southern Worthersee) held in Helen, Georgia may have been my first; but will certainly not be my last. I was originally skeptical of how good it could honestly be. I thought it would be the same few cars all weekend and few small parties in between… I was SO wrong. Continue reading

Simply Authentic // Brendon’s ’03 VR6


  According to recent studies 81 percent of Americans own and drive their own personal vehicles. Which  means that there are 254.4 million registered cars. That being the case how does someone drive one car out of 254 million that actually stands out from the norm? Granted the average citizen doesn’t typically care about modifying their cars outside of bumper stickers and air fresheners. But some of us for whatever reason actually enjoy having depleted bank accounts just to have something a little different. This drive, or addiction as some would call it, is what sets the tone for the auto scene and society we thrive in. Continue reading

WaterFest 2013 // Photo Coverage Pt. 1

Waterfest is the largest VW/Audi Car Show and Motorsport event in North America, and the second largest of its kind in the world. Waterfest, now in its 19th year is a two-day event held at the world-class Raceway Park facility in Englishtown, New Jersey. Individuals come from all over the country to showcase their true passion for the euro community and I might say from viewing pictures over & over, there were amazing cars displayed. Continue reading

Wuste 2013 // Photo Coverage.

Wuste is not a car show, it is an experience. Picture rolling into six-story parking garage filled with nothing but the best European cars on the west coast and even a few from other parts of the country. Now add the craziness of Las Vegas, pool parties, DJs, late nights on the parking deck, walking the strip, gambling, drinking, and thousands of like minded enthusiasts. Got it? That is Wuste. Continue reading

The uK Reppin’ // Hannah’s Corsa

When we first saw this Corsa we thought it was the model Yaris of Toyota. We notice that we were browsing on a Uk blog, we at H:S when we see a ride thats fresh & unique we go for it. So we decided to start looking for the owner and sooner or later we got an email from the owner. Starting chatting and to find out it was the Corsa that is based model from the European market. So the question was asked can we do a feature on it and the owner said, i would love to do it. And then the process begun from there: Continue reading