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There is a magical place in the United States made up on the most popular beaches, hottest women, and the most diverse and exclusive car scene you have ever seen. Can you guess where I am talking about? No clue… Well, Florida is where you want to be and I guarantee you that when you go there at any time, on any weekend you will be in the center of a car show, car meet or even some races. Continue reading

Simply Clean 5 // Photo Coverage


The Simply Clean meet is not called “Simply Clean” for no reason…hundreds and hundreds different cars from all over submit to be in this show but only a few hundred are picked. The event is held in Daytona, Florida right near the beach but sadly, due to the weather it wasn’t really called the “sunny state” of America. Just because it rained a lot, didn’t stop people coming to see what they wanted…to see most simple & clean cars around.

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Low & Wide // Erick’s 350z

There’s always a good thing when your not living in a 4 season thru the year area, you can always stay fresh in a full season of warm weather like Florida. I can imaging riding around swarmed by a beautiful sun beaming on the body of Erick’s 350Z. Just looking at the body lines with the set of fresh wheels sitting right, yes it is a definitely neck breaker. Continue reading

Project Soarer


After doing doing so much research he came up with a theme for it, the project “SOARER” which came out very well. He knew all along what he wanted, was to have a nice rear offset with a deep lip. The only wheel he pretty much saw that no one was using on the forums that was still quite new were the XXR 526s. Continue reading