From Lowriders to Imports! // Chufeng’s 95′ Targa top NSX

nsx HS 10

Look it’s a Honda. No it’s an Acura… Nope wait a minute that definitely is a Honda. Who cares what the hell it is. All we need to know that it is one clean ass mo-fo NSX! Yep, I said Mo-Fo and the moment we saw it we wanted to get our hands on this clean ride. Continue reading

Old School Swag // Pedro’s ’91 Civic Wagon


Since the very beginning Hondas were amongst the most popular car in the import scene. Can you guess how many were in the original Fast & Furious? Probably not because, yeah there was just that many. Civics, Preludes, Accords. 4 doors, 2 doors, and the 3 doors. (Hatches people, hatches). You can find them all over Auto trader and Craigslist and they are still going for loads of cash no matter what condition they’re in. The times they are changing though. Continue reading

Standin’ Out from the Rest // Amrit Virk’s Chrysler 300

062 (2)

Well….Well…When you think of stanced cars what is your first thought? Imports right? That was mine. Since that is the only thing I really have ever seen or I have had. The holy grail of Hondas, Toyota’s, Lexus’s and Mazda’s are what we see driving down the street with their rims tucked so perfect we do a double take. Dare I go on!  I think I shall. Every car show you go to, and every magazine you look at is just that. Imports! They are all different in their own way but what makes them stand out from the rest? They might have different paint jobs or different wheels so that we make it our own but I will be the first to admit my Honda hatch is one of a million out there. The good thing for me is most 1996 hatches, may they rest in piece, are hard to come by thank goodness for that. I still see them going for over $3k online and that is just the shell.  But that is still one of the most common cars that are hooked up. Continue reading

Always Changing it up // Michael’s Mazda 3


If there is one thing that Michael Rodriguez can make his mind up about it is the way his car sits so perfect on his rims. It could be argued amongs car enthusiasts that the aggressive look is the way to go, when you are trying to get the right look for your car. Michael likes his rims to fit just right with a lowered look. Continue reading